Peelers and Peelees

A fellow blogger recently posted about her hurt and outrage at her husband for going to a strip club and buying himself a lap dance. There was a lot of discussion from other women on how they don’t much like it when their guys go to strip clubs, but they’ll allow[1] it for bachelor parties or how their husbands are allowed to go to strip clubs, but not have lap dances, etc., etc.

Nobody addressed the whole notion of strip clubs in the first place: the exploitation and humiliation of women and why anyone would someone want to partcipate in the degradation of another human being like that?

I confess I’ve been to both male and female strip clubs — out of curiousity and when I was much, much younger.  I’m sure we’ve all been there.

We all go with a “this-will-be good-for-a-laugh” attitude. But I felt to feel really sorry for the people on stage – all naked and vulnerable and exposed, no shred of privacy or dignity left with people staring at them, mocking them, making rude remarks, laughing at their bodies, their flaws, judging them on numerical scales like prize heifers.  Then there was the perv in the corner working himself into his happy place….

Sure, strippers get paid for what they do. Some make pretty good money. Some even have some sort of choice about doing this for a living – but how desperate would your circumstances have to be for you to end up in a job like this?

What’s the attraction of the strip club? You’re a guy and you go with a bunch of other guys to have some poor, sad, naked woman rub her breasts in your face and her genitals over your crotch while your friends guffaw and cheer you on.

Then what?

I guess there’s always the VIP room. Or the washroom. Or rushing home to wake up “the wife” whilst reeking of Eau Danser Exotique.

Is this something guys tend to grow out of as they get older? Do you go? Does your partner go? How do you feel about strip clubs/lap dancing in general? And specifically, how do you feel about your partner going to them?  (Feel free to post anonymously if you have a point to make, but don’t necessarily want to be identified with it). 

[1] I don’t even want to get into why grown men have to ask permission to do stuff they really want to do and/or why women think they have the power to allow or not allow a man to do stuff he really wants to do