Do not pass go! Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


17 responses to “Karmanopoly

  1. Bandobras – I think he got tired of looking a long time ago. I believe it dawned on him that it would be a fruitless search.

    Mike – No one does. There is generally revelry and dancing in the streets today. The Goldmans were in the court room looking so relieved. The jury one by one said a resounding GUILTY. What an idiot. He could have been free, but had to push his nasty weight around and get into more trouble.

    Geewits – Indeed. He may not be going to jail for the murders, but at least he was stupid enough to get violent again so he’d finally get his comeuppance.

  2. “The jury will not take into consideration any past court cases against the defendant Mr. Simpson.”

    Yeah, right!

    I think what is happening now is what most sane, fair-minded people consider Justice — note the capital “J”.

  3. 13 years to the day he is getting (less than) he deserves. . Maybe he can find some golfing buddies in slammer to play the back nine with him!

  4. Bob – No! Really, they swore they would be impartial. Of course there’s going to be an appeal based on the fact that it was an all white jury.

    Hunter – Poor, stupid old OJ.

    Jo – The cosmos and OJ himself. Couldn’t leave well enough alone…

    Mrs. G. – I’m honoured by your visit! And ya, Karma’s often more fair than god.

  5. Yep, the right decision for once. Did I actually see that his lawyer said something along the lines of “he’s not a criminal he’s just frustrated and stupid”? Don’t know about that side of the pond, but in bonny Scotland, frustrated and stupid describes 95% of the criminal population!!!

  6. I’m no fan of OJ, actually I don’t much give a damn about him one way or another.


    I can’t help but think they’re making him pay for having gotten off last time.

    Whether or not he did kill his wife the first time around, he was acquitted and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Or should be able to do about it unless new evidence shows up.

    For the justice system to work, you have to take that chance. Some guilty people will get off for the non-guilty ones to go free.

    Bringing the last trial into this one is just wrong. Judge him and condemn him on this crime, go ahead and throw the book at him, I have no problem with that at all, but not for the last one.

    I think I’ll just run and hide now while the whole world throws rotten tomatoes at me.

  7. Loth – Ya, all our criminals are frustrated and stupid, too. Or sometimes just stupid.

    Jazz – No I agree with you. You’re right. I think the fun thing here, though is that the crime he committed this time and the overwhelming evidence against him all on its own was enough to convict him. Ya maybe the police were a bit more zealous in gathering evidence on him than they normally might have been and ya the prosecuter worked his butt off to get a conviction that he might not have been quite so intent on if it had been anyone else and ya, OJ made some unfortunate choices in partners-in-crime since they all gave evidence against him…BUT there’s no doubt whatsoever he did this armed robbery thing and by law there are some penalties that go along with that. So, away he goes. He will appeal, of course, and if there was anything untoward with the trial, legally, we’ll find out. But all in all, it really is a karma thing.

  8. I LOVED the look on his face when the guilty verdicts started being read. He was genuinely perplexed.

    “Uh…whaa??? I’m O.J. Jury not get memo? I’m innocent always! Above law. People LOVE me? Verdict TYPO?????”


  9. Actually the 2 crimes are somewhat connected in that the reason his memorabilia was being hawked everywhere was so he could avoid paying the civil settlement for Ron Goldman’s murder.

    The piper comes calling one way or the other.