Those were the days, my friend

Hey, remember just a few posts back when I was talking about Cheez Whiz and the disappearance of Cindy who I met at my very first ever post-secondary institution? No, I haven’t found her, but a whole bunch of people from that very post-secondary institution have found me!!

There’s a first ever reunion this coming weekend of alumni and I guess it took a while for someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows of my whereabouts to get me on the list. Too late for me to attend, but I’ve reconnected with a whole bunch of people I’d pretty much forgotten about.

Alas, none of them know anything about Cindy.

On the upside some crazy photos of a teenaged me have surfaced through all of this which I thought I’d share.


It was a small artsy school. Here I am doing something creative.

Here I am in a play. I’m the second one with the fur thing around my neck.