The Love Award

The very lovely and fragarant Gav from Gav Menagerie has bestowed a very lovely and fragrant award on my blog. Thank you so much, darlin’. I’m honoured and quite verklempt. I so feel the love.

Here are the rules:

– You can put the award picture on your blog.
– Link to the person who awarded you.
– Nominate at least seven other blogs that you love.
– Put up links to those blogs.
– Leave messages with the blogs you nominated.

It’s taken me a long time to get around to posting this and re-distributing the love. The blogs I’ve chosen this time are all blogs I’ve just recently discovered but fallen immediately in love with.  And, so, in no particular order:

Jacquie, Beth & Ellie’s blog  because I am always totally blown away by the lives these women have led and the amazing pictorial essays they present from various episodes in those lives.


Aziza  from Moderately Entertaining who is a very young woman, but writes with more skill, wit and wisdom than a lot of old people I know, and whose blog is much more than moderately entertaining You must visit!


Janna and her Jannaverse who has a most unique way of presenting her thoughts and has the most mind-bending thoughts to go with it.


Piglet from the Daily Piglet who is so cute you want to go find her and squeeze the headcheese out of her and who also happens to have a pretty kick-ass blog


Nat from From Nat’s Brain who is a local blogger (and those are always nice to meet), a runner, a mom, a bit of a poet, thinker and philosopher. Her blog reflects all of this in a most brilliant way.


Lost from Losing It, who’s not really losing it at all, but very cleverly finding it and painting word pictures about the things that speak to everything that is most human in us – a poet.


Recovering Straight Girl who is on a remarkable journey. We are privileged that she is documenting this journey as well as speaking about important and often painful issues relevant to all women. She does it with aplomb, honesty and wry humour.


16 responses to “The Love Award

  1. you are very kind and i can hardly believe that someone of your caliber thinks my blog is kick ass. i’m humbled and very thankful to you my new canadian friend.

    you are kick ass yerself!

  2. Jobthingy – I think that’s what’s nice about these award things — it helps introduce bloggers to each other.

    Nat – You’re more than welcome

    DP – Does this mean we’re engaged? I can’t wait to see who you and the others pick for your blog lovers

  3. Well, thank you Xuppy. You don’t mind if I call you Xuppy, do you? You’re one of our all-time fave commentors. It’s a mutual admiration society around here. 😉

  4. RSG – You know what they say… er… um…something about love and the more you give away the more you get… or maybe that was Halloween candy…

    Ellie – Xuppy? Sure. How would you pronouce that? And I’m chuffed that ya’ll love me back..chuffed, I say!

    Aziza – Rock on little bloggy sister

    Lesley – I love the way you squeezed your way into our little love orgy. Everything just heated up a few notches

    Janna – Totally mind bending. And, there’s always lots of love here, so come back any time

  5. Thanks a ton. especially since it comes
    from a blogger whose sense of humour i simply
    is for sure gonna spread d love.
    always thought of writing abt my fav blogs, now
    thanks 2 u, is gonna do it.
    btw, really liked the relationship quiz.
    And, Jannaverse was quite a discovery

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