Found any good bargains lately?

I went to an Estate Sale the other day.

The person wasn’t dead. She was just moving in with her daughter. So, I didn’t feel too creepy about rooting through her stuff.  There was some pretty good stuff there, and at rock bottom prices.

Here’s what I got for FIVE BUCKS!!

Now I can have dozens of people over for dinner. If they bring their own plates. And chairs. And I could use a much bigger table, too.

BUT,  the next time you have a dinner for dozens of people, invite me and I’ll bring the cutlery.


19 responses to “Found any good bargains lately?

  1. Woohoo! Great bargain! I’m having a partay at the end of the month, wanna come? It could be a BYOC for cutlery! lol

  2. Dr, Monkey – Oh boy, I can’t wait to get my many forks into one of your special recipes.

    Lost – Yay me! I’m pretty good at snatching goods out from under frail old ladies

    Mo – see above

    Alison – I don’t think I know that one. Is it huge and crammed with bargains?

    Bob – I’ll spring for the food if you bring some good wine

    UA – I’ll be there. Do you want ALL the cutlery? It’s really freakin’ heavy

    Jobthingy – I also picked up an Edith Piaf CD. It was buried among the Tony Bennett and Dean Martins (although I think I got a Dean Martin CD, too — they were only 25 cents each)

  3. value village 50% off day – grace’s entire back to school wardrobe for $80 (and a few goodies for me thrown in there!)
    i bet your hood has great garage sales.

  4. Great bargain. Love estate sales.

    I have enough glasses of all shapes and sizes and vintages, so we can eat and drink (if someone else brings the food and drink).

  5. Hunter – Dang, right back atcha!

    Raino – I live for bargains.

    Jazz – Perfect! Er… you forgot to give me your address. An oversight, I’m sure…

    Meanie – Did you take the day off for the 50% sale? I’ve heard people do that, but I could never bring myself to take a vacation day just for that & they always have them now when most people are at work. And, ya we have one big one at the community centre every spring. I’ll let you know when it’s coming up — usually June, I think

    Missy – $5 Canadian is real money now

    Jobthingy – I checked last night and I did get a Dean Martin And a Maurice Chevalier.

    Violetsky – It’s a good thing I have a small place and I hate clutter. It definitely curbs my instincts to accumulate bargain goodies.

  6. it just so happened I took the day off to bring Grace to the first day of school and I happened upon the sale after dropping her off. however, I certainly did witness some people who obviously live and breathe for that very day (do NOT get in their way!)

  7. Woo-hoo!! I would so love to have dinner with you I would happily bring my own plate and cup and chair and table and hell, I’ll even bring the dinner too! (And the house. I’ll bring a house if we need something to put all this in.)


  8. Meanie – I think they changed it to days when no one is off because it got pretty intense in there on a Saturday morning during the 50% off sales. Anyway, good score for you!!

    Lesley – You’re on, but why don’t I just come to your place and bring my own fork? Seems much simpler, if not quite as adventurous (for you).