Naming the Blog

Here’s what I want to know; how do bloggers come up with their blog names? What do they signify? When I’m looking through other people’s blogrolls I usually chose blogs I want to read based on the blog’s title.

Some are fairly obvious because they describe what the blog was originally intended to talk about:  Breakfast Blogger, Knitting is my Boyfriend, Julia’s Sewing Blog (doesn’t get more obvious than that), Dave Knows Portland, Me, You and Ellie, (check out their truly amazing Moon Dance post) From Nat’s Brain, Reflecting, Daily Snark and, of course Urban Pedestrian . And, if you started out with a theme, have you stuck with it? Do you find it restricting? Or have you just wandered off into completely different territory?

Some bloggers use names other than those of their blog names to comment. Mostly they use their own names, sometimes nicknames; Zoom, Woodsy, Meanie, Jazz, Grumpus, Dr. Monkey, Misster Kitty, X, Grandy ….  Some bloggers use perfectly ordinary names and we assume they’re their real names (Brad Brown). But are they? And if not, why the pseudonym?

My blog name is as pedestrian as it sounds. The blog started out as a community blog on the Halifax Chronicle’s website, so I had to talk about something community related and since I regularly walked everywhere I wrote about walking-related stuff: traffic, transit, urban infrastructure, fitness, weather, dog poop, shopping downtown, etc., etc.  Eventually, I found that a bit restricting and so moved off on my own.

Then I moved to Ottawa and wasn’t familiar enough with the city to blog about community-related stuff anymore. Then a lot of things happened, yadda, yadda, yadda, I didn’t blog at all for a while and then I decided to restructure as the ex-urban pedestrian in order to sort of keep the connection (and url) to the previous blog, but I wanted to add more variety.

In an interesting aside story, some time just after my move to Ottawa, I discovered a new blog that called itself THE Urban Pedestrian. (no THE in my name) Of course I had to leave a haughty yet welcoming comment. I’ve become a regular reader and she’s become a regular commenter on my blog and we’ve even been in touch by email a few times and once, if the train hadn’t been so damn late, would have met. (next time) Anyway, after my initial comment, she decided to change her name and is now known as Urban Animal.

Where did your name come from? What does Geewits mean? Bandobras?  Tantalus Prime? Cedarflame?Why Uncouth Heathen? Skylark? On the Curb? Urban Panther/Urbane Lion? Watawa LifeVioletsky? Deb on the Rocks? Salted Lithium?

What’s the story behind your blog name? I know some of you have an explanation in your “about” page, but some of you are a mystery. And, what are some interesting blog names you’ve come across? Or do you have an intriguing blog name you’d like to share that I don’t know about?

Yes, this is something of a cross-linking carnival, but it’s more fun than a meme and could be educational and  I’m actually very interested to know why I’ve been calling someone Jobthingy for months and I have no idea why.


If I haven’t linked to your blog it isn’t because I don’t think your name isn’t interesting, but because I just randomly picked from those whose names I see a lot in the comments. I DO want to know how anybody comes up their blog name, familiar or not, so please tell.

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  1. I wanted something short, distinct and different. I struggled for quite a while trying to come up with a name.

    Getting close to retirement, I happened to notice the exit I was taking off the interstate to go to work and that’s how my blog Exit78 was born.

  2. I played with other names, but i did find it too restricting, so i decided to be vague but truthful in my title. And I like the sound of it.

  3. The theme I started Salted Lithium with was “Vanilla Mist”, it’s a nice two-tone green with a narrow sidebar. I have a blog that’s not available to outsiders where I test new themes and ideas for graphics, so I’ve literally tried all of WordPress’s themes but with “Cutline” I’m officially on my second theme.

    I switched because of the size of the sidebar… I had the idea of putting photos of bloggers above their RSS Feeds. I thought having a photo there would encourage people to click through to the other blogs… I’m pretty sure it works. Either way I think it looks cool.

    I almost went with the theme you’re using (Mistylook) but the size and font of the sidebar text was just a little too large for what I wanted and, from what I remember, the photos would have been smaller.

    When I started blogging two years ago it was because of some fairly tragic crap and I wanted to find out if I was going to be able to continue writing. So I created two other blogs first, one for articles and essays, another for poetry.

    When I was done choosing their themes I decided maybe having a third blog to specifically write about my state of mental health would be a good idea. So for a name I wanted something identifiable with manic depression, without being sappy, mournful, melancholy or emo-like.

    So I thought of the one thing above all others that immediately makes people think about the disease, and at the same time something that also signifies fighting back against it… Lithium.

    Then I thought, since I take such a large dose of the stuff “Salted” would give the impression of Lithium Plus More Lithium. “Salted” or “salty” also works as my being in a perpetual state of pissoffedness and anger towards the disease.

    Technically the name of my blog is “…salted lithium.” which is slightly conceited, but it’s my way of saying Salted is a thoughtful answer to a problem.

    Personally most of my favourite blog names come from mental health / recovery blogs:

    Off the top of my head… Patient Anonymous; Experimental Chimp; Beeper; Bipolar Chicks Blogging; Just A Bit Fucked (now Perfect Defect), and; Puddle Jumper.

  4. I think I had visions of my blog being something totally different than it seems to be right now when I named it. I started out with snarky posts with observations about daily life but then I drifted into a different territory.

    When I read other blogs, sometimes I think, dang, I wish I came up with that title (Bloggess, Merlot Mom, Vintage Thirty, Um…What?), and occasionally I think about changing the title, but I still love it. The Snark is still there. I just need to tap into it more.

  5. The same consulting company that gave me the simple, basic look for my blog also suggested the name.

    “David” because in anglo-Canada it’s about the most common name for men my age and therefore is comfortingly familiar; while “Scrimshaw” gives a warning that esoteric interests might be explored.

    “Michael Intaglio’s Blog” actually tested better with the focus groups, but I like the informal “Dave” better than “Mike”, and I didn’t want people thinking I’d picked the blog name for the sci-fi initials.

  6. I picked my blog name because I like monkeys and because I like the aliteration of it when you say it aloud. And I thought it was funny.

  7. Bandobras “Bullroarer” Took
    Hero of the Battle of Greenfields. Bandobras Took was the second son of Thain Isumbras III (see Note below). He was born in 2704. Bandobras is noteworthy among Hobbits for being four feet, five inches tall and able to ride a horse. He was the tallest Hobbit on record until he was surpassed in height by Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took.

    I took the name because of the Bullroarer addition.
    That name neatly encapsulates my singing voice, something very few people have heard and still lived.

  8. All of the above.

    It’s a bit fuzzy, but the pseudonym “RealGrouchy” predates my web-2.0 presence. The story of the origins should be somewhere on my blog, and if it isn’t, someone should remind me to document it there! Here’s an abbreviated version. (ahem.)

    I revived the name when I wanted a Wikipedia username and I couldn’t find a variant on firstname lastinitial that would be easy enough to remember. This was evidently in February 2004, shortly after reading about Wikipedia in a Citizen article and thinking “this is totally for me”. On a sunny day in June, I took photos of Ottawa landmarks and posted them, some of which survive their respective articles.

    In June 2004, having heard about this new medium called “blogging”, and seeing more reasons to write Letters to the Editor than one could expect to be published, I figured it was time I find my own outlet and join this “blogging community”, which actually wasn’t much of a community back in the rough old days in terms of folks from Ottawa. 😉

    As XUP suggests (aside: whenever I see “XUP”, I think it’s an obscure emoticon), I needed a name and a(n) url. I didn’t want to restrict my blog to a theme, though most things would be about or in Ottawa, so I chose “” and “My Two Sense” as the title. For my username, I again used “RealGrouchy”.

    At the time, I wasn’t so much concerned with concealing my identity*, but I figured I might eventually find a good reason for keeping my online identity separate from my offline identity (jury’s still out on that, heh!), and I couldn’t hide something on the internet after the fact!

    (* Not that I claim to have an “identity” or to understand what the term means; I have personas that I typify, but I don’t think I have a single overarching “identity”.)

    I started off signing my blog entries similarly to how I do in correspondence with my real name: newline, hyphen, space, “RG”, period. I felt it important to sign off each message, though I’m not sure where I got that from.

    After frequently releasing the Shift key too late between the capital G to the period, creating a close angle bracket instead of a period, I just switched to the current signoff. I do the same when posting in other places, such as on Slashdot and even in Youtube comments.

    When I purchased an old typewriter, I went through a phase where I would type the blog entry on some random scrap of paper and scan it and upload it. This was before Blogger was tied in with Picasa, and before the limit on the amount of space you could fill with photos.

    At some point, “RealGrouchy” became more than just a pseudonym for my online presence and turned into a parallel identity all on itself. When I got my Gmail account in 2005, I made a beeline for that username–though I quickly became uncomfortable sending important messages (like resumes) with that address, and I eventually found an appropriate e-mail alias to forward to my Gmail account.

    While I mainly keep my real identity independent from mentions of RealGrouchy–such as RG’s short-lived stint on the marketing committee, where I singlehandedly diffused a longstanding flamewar and helped set up procedures for their wiki–the “RealGrouchy” identity as one that is grouchy, yet entertaining and fun to be with, really came to fruition on the forums for the online webcomic xkcd.

    I–that is to say, RealGrouchy–was an early participant on those forums (alternately called “fora”) before the webcomic became super gigantially popular, and I was appointed a moderator there, giving me something to bask in and play with. It also gave me a whole dimension of philosophical questions on trust and identity, as these people had decided to put their trust in what is effectively a made-up person.

    Armed with a persona I could embody (can one even “embody” a virtual identity?), I rebranded the blog to “Tales from a Grouch” and changed the url to–though my dad says my later entries aren’t as grouchy as before.

    The distinction causes difficulty when I must reconcile my meatspace identity and my online identity(ies…?), or when I must choose which identity to use when, say, commenting on a blog. For example, when I wanted to post photos to the internet and connect them to my offline identity, but I was too lazy to find an alternative to Google/Blogger, which discourages one person accessing multiple accounts. Luckily, I decided it doesn’t matter too much–though I still censor comments on my blog that refer to my real name or identity.

    By accepting the inherent paradoxes of plural identities, I’ve been able to overcome other identity-based concerns, like when I occasionally realize that a person I’ve known for months or years I only know by their first name–or don’t even know their name at all. The important thing, I’ve learned, is who they are in terms of how I interact with them, and not some words on a piece of paper the Government knows them by.

    Curiously, for both my real name and for “RealGrouchy”, just about all the search results on Google which aren’t bot-generated are references to me. On top of that, it’s interesting to see how consistently the two sets of results distinguish between my prominent online and offline identities. (It is possible to discover the other if you know one, though it’s easier in one particular direction.)

    Well, that’s probably more than you asked for, but I think you’ll appreciate the brain food. It also makes for a good outline for the eventual bioblography of RealGrouchy!

    – RG>

    (I’m crossing my fingers, as there’s no preview feature on this comment form!)

  9. Well, my name “geewits” came from playing NTN trivia in bars. In case you’ve never seen it, you get a little blue box and the TV has ongoing trivia games on the television. You were only allowed 6 spaces for your gamer name and after trying various names I settled on “G WITS”. I liked the wits in the name and it was also a take off of when I do my silly voice and pronounce words funny like “mitster” for “mister” so it was like saying “gee whiz” in my silly way. That was 10 or more years ago. I’ve kept that as my electronic name for years and I seem to own it on google (don’t look). As for the name of my blog: Trying to Fill The Unforgiving Minute – well that’s from my favorite poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling and I can actually recite all 32 lines, but most people regret it when they don’t believe me on that. My blog never had a theme. Trying to fill the unforgiving minute, according to the poem, is really just about doing the very best you can and making it through life in a positive way. I’m sure I don’t live up to Rudyard Kipling’s standards, but I try.

  10. I graduated from Clarence High School in ’72, thus ClarenceGrad72. The blog was set up to have a place for all the alumni related websites, reunions, and picture links all in one place. I dithered on posting while reaching out to potential alumni readers.

    After 1 month I decided to post every day. Having not lived in Clarence by choice since my late teens meant that my interests were elsewhere. So I pretty much write about whatever crosses my mind on any given day, many times it being opinion on news items.

    Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. See, Clarence is a small conservative orientated town. My politics slide much more to the liberal side. So when opinionating I try to make a point without flatout insulting anyone.

    I think that most of my readers are fellow alumni or other bloggers, each checking in for different reasons. I suspect that the ultra-conservative ones don’t read my blog.

  11. Linsey – Wow, that’s quite the back story!! So there you were thinking, “I guess I’m going to start my own blog” and the name, Uncouth Heathen, just popped into your head??

    Mike – Ha ha. All that agonizing and you end up naming the blog off a traffic sign. Dare I ask what your kids’ names are??

    Lebowski – 1) I think we all know that your non-blogging days are numbered; 2) That will be an excellent name for your future blog

    Aziza – “Moderately Entertaining”, is certainly non-commital, but not exactly truthful, because your blog is VERY entertaining. I’m so glad you found your way here so that I now have something to read that was written by someone not a thousand years old like the rest of us

    Gabriel – So far you win the prize for the most thought ever put into a blog name. Thanks for the explanation — very interesting, especially the various nuances of “salted”. And thanks also for allowing us a glimpse into this difficult journey you’re on.

    Mo – Funny how that happens and yes, I have noticed that you’re way too nice and optimistic and content with your life and your husband and everything to be too snarky. For real snark you need to be spiteful and embittered and I don’t think you’re gonna cut it. Nevertheless, your blog is unique and fun and thoughtful and I can’t stay away.

    David – It’s nice to see some people take the naming of the blog seriously and don’t just type in the first combination of words that pop into their heads or that they see on a road sign or their driver’s licence. I assume your focus groups included only people whose first language was North American English?

    Dr. Monkey – Who doesn’t like monkeys? And who doesn’t think Monkey Muck isn’t hilarious, right? I can totally see it. A winning combination. It certainly caught my attention when I first saw it. I thought, “Oh, this is going to be a fun blog.” And it is!!

    Bandobras – Hmm, that’s both frightening and scary. Probably a lot of people already knew where the name came from, but I’ve never been a hobbitphiliac, so I didn’t. Do people expect your blog to be about hobbits? Do you get a lot of hobbit geeks seeking you out?

    CP – Ya, your moniker was’t too tough to figure out. I like the combination and it promises a lot of stories about how the OC personality is brought down to earth by crap thrown at her by every day life. And your blog is kind of like that. Very cool.

    Geewits – I want you to recite Kipling for me. And yes, I’ve seen the bar trivia games — not for a long time, but I used to love playing them. Trying to Fill the Unforgiving Minute, so completely suits your blog and so does Geewits, even if I didn’t exactly know what it meant — kind of poignant, sometimes melancholy, sometimes surreal, but always witty.

    Becky – Ah, so you censor yourself in order not to offend? I think there’s a whole other blog post in that topic. I guess that’s a tough one since you actually know a lot of your readers from way back.

  12. RealGrouchy – Thanks — that was a lesson not only in the history of your own blog and blog name, but also of the history of blogging in general. You should re-print this comment as a post on your own blog, too. (And, to me you almost never seem very grouchy at all)

  13. The story behind the name “Brad Brown” – now that’s a good question. It’s my real name, and I use it because I intend to build a brand around it, and branch into standup comedy and writing (longer format like books). I hated my name as a kid, but now I like it; the consonance gives it the feel of a stage name. If I ever feel the need to virtually separate my serious side (development manager for a bank software company) from my humorous endeavors, I’ll point my other domain, to a new, more serious site.

  14. I knew I wanted to write about the good, the bad, and the comically ugly. My blog name came from an idea that all of my posts would be titled “Deb on…” Like “Deb on Palin” or “Deb on Ugly Coats and Why You Shouldn’t Wear Hats.” I changed my mind about the titles before I began, but the Deb on stayed. The rocks came from the idea that I tend to get obsessed with things and stuck there for a while, like a boat stuck on the rocks, and I also liked that “Rocks” has so many connotations: hard times, rocking out, diamonds, get your rocks off. Plus, if I were a drink, I certainly would’nt be “straight up.” So shake all of that in a cocktail shaker = Deb on the Rocks.

  15. Nah I have chosen to never blog.
    Actually if you run my name through a search engine you would find that most of the references are professional and there are no personal references.
    I don’t think that my opinion really matters all that much and when I need to rant I just sit down hold court at the local “cafe/gambling hall/place where nefarious characters hang out” and start arguments.

  16. I called my blog When Things Get Dark after a story by Shirley Jackson, one of my favorite writers. The story has nothing to do with my blog’s theme, just sounds good. I think!!

  17. The name actually evolved from a previous on-line nickname that was already taken when I tried to use it for other forums. I decided to add a colour to it and chose Violet. Colours have always fascinated me, and none more so than the twilight colours of the sky. When I started my blog I just used that name, but realized very quicky that I didn’t actually like it, and that it didn’t make sense. I needed something that had a bit more thought put into it.

    Most of my ideas for posting come to me while I am working overnight. I ‘daydream’ a lot, while always keeping an eye on what the sky is doing – clear, starry, cloudy, stormy, so I can gauge whether I need to bag the newspapers, or need to hurry up to beat the rain. Seeing the sky becoming lighter and changing colours is a little thrill of my otherwise 4 hours of drudgery.

    I had originally thought of writing more poetry and eventually adding photos, but things took a wrong turn early on in my blogging life and the poetry left me. [Under a]VioletSky always sounded so poetic a notion – but also romantic, so I nixed the ‘under a’ and kept VioletSky. I wasn’t feeling particularly romantic then, either.

    It had nothing to do with that annoying Mika song.

  18. Literally, it’s a place where I brain dump. It’s every thing I liked about column writing — without the pesky editors to deal with.

    There was a previous blog called Afraid of Diving because I am. But I conquered many fears and it got bogged down in my incessant whining. So I closed it.

    Started this when I got a haircut and got a real job. I needed a place to write for writing sake.

  19. XUP – I don’t consider it to be censoring myself when all I’m doing is being a little bit considerate of other people’s opinions, especially people I look at face to face at times (like at family reunions).

    Today’s post still garnered some outrage and an email from a friend’s mom that explained how Christianity has been surreptitiously erased from American History books (Canada’s too I read somewhere). I actually thought of her briefly when I wrote it too 🙂

  20. Thanks, one day, I will. I e-mailed myself a copy of the comment for posterity for when I eventually do write up the full version.

    And I am quite grouchy, it’s just I have tremendous reserves of self-control. Most of the grouchiness doesn’t make it to the blog because it either isn’t important enough, I don’t think anyone else would much care for the topic, I don’t have time, or I simply have more interesting things to post instead.

    These past few days in particular, I spent a majority of my time just writing extensive back-and-forth e-mails complaining to people about really, really stupid things they’ve done. But I consider that mostly between them and me–I’d be a real douche if I used my blog as a sideshow for arguments against people I disagree with on specific points.

    You get that kind of stuff all the time in politics, where one person is presented as having a certain position, and even if they later realize that position is wrong they ardently defend their initial view in order to avoid appearing to contradict themselves.

    Sorry, between your questions in identity, my own sleep deprivation, and the pundits’ columns on the concept of the politician as the “regular guy”, I’ve been doing a lot of mental masturbation on myself and “identity”.

    – RG>

  21. Okay, although my blogging name is Newsguy Bob (because my name is Bob and I’m a Newsguy — formerly on-air on radio and TV, now behind the scenes as a newscast producer), the url for my blog is

    That’s because, as I’ve expounded on to great lengths in some of my blogging, I’vew belonged to Big Brothers since July 1993. I’ve been an in-school mentor through the organization to two young guys who, unfortunately, I am no longer in contact with. But the pride and joy of my life is my Little Brother Dan. He became my Little Bro on that day in July 1993 when he was only ten, and quickly became a very important focal point of my life. He turned 26 last month, is a paramedic, and is getting married this coming April in Jamaica, when Big Bro Bob will do double duty as Best Man Bob.

    That’s the Reader’s Digest version of the story. Don’t get me started: I tend to ramble and gush.

  22. Wow that blogroll add means a lot to me, I greatly appreciate it. =) I will return the favor.

    I found your blog from the comment you made on RealGrouchy’s blog recently. I’ve been a regular reader of his for over a year, he is a very good writer. And just by chance did I find that blog through the random blog button. Every 20th blog or so that I go through with that method I come across something that is in both a language I understand and has more than one post on it!

  23. Watawa is what you call Ottawa when you have had too much to drink, as illustrated in this classic tale of Watawa life:

    “Driver! Take me to Watawa at wunsht!” the Prime Minister cried. Then he fell in the canal and drowned.

    -The end-

  24. I have long wanted to change the name of my drawing blog, it is sort of awkward. I do not know why I picked it, except that it was basically the ongoing topic of my drawings.

    Belated Geography is exactly that, things about the world I think I should have learned years ago. Better late than never!

  25. HA! funny story. Jobthingy is an ongoing joke.

    there was this girl. she was a friend at the time. i was babysitting for her while she worked days. i had given her a list of Speedy’s many appointments when all this began so that she would know ahead of time and could arrange for alternate care (i couldnt do physio with speedy while trying to manage a young toddler)

    so first appt day comes and i call her the night before to say dont forget its appt day tomorrow, i hope you have care.

    she went off on me. i told her to call the babies father, her mom who wasnt working at the time, anyone but i could not and that was the reason i gave her that list.

    she screamed at me ‘you know, the father has this thing.. its a jobthingy.. something you obviously dont understand.’

    my friend, the maven, and i chuckled about my not knowing what a jobthingy was for some time. infact we still do.

    so i was named this in her blog before i had actually started my own. she called me ‘ok i started a new blog.. go here and see what i named you.. youre gonna piss yourself’

    i went and laughed my fool head off. so breaking off from there i start my own blog and left it with the Jobthingy theme. then the jungle just sort of fit.

    the end *curtseys*

  26. I have had a few blogs, and they all had a reference to time in the blog, title, i.e., “Time after Time” or “All in Good Time”. A family member started finding my blogs and making comments, so I deleted my blogs and started yet another one *sigh* called “C’est La Vie” because it sort of described how I felt. Then I deleted that one *deep sigh* and started another one. “What should I called it?” I thought… and then I read the following passage:

    “There are times and places where one’s voice needs to be heard above the clamor of others who may think differently or wish to go in a different direction. The need to raise one’s ‘voice’ is not a call to shout or to shout down others, but to preserve one’s integrity of belief and feeling so that one can become a ‘majority of one’. ”

    I liked the passage and it described how I felt. However, one is a lonely number, so I called my blog “A Majority of Two”.

  27. Brad – Yes, your name DOES sound so stagey that I assumed it was assumed. I, too, have an alliterative name, as you know — alliterative names are destined for publication. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for your comedy debut

    Ellie- There are so many quirky and interesting blog names and apparantly just as many quirky and interesting stories to go with them. I just found your blog, but am loving it to pieces and yes, this post does sort of beg for comments

    Deb – No, you’re anything but straight up — in so many different ways. It’s an interesting title, and one that reflects the nature of your blog very, very well even without the explanation.

    Lebowski – I don’t think any of us believe our opinions matter all that much — blogs are just a fun way of ranting a bit, sharing some ideas, laughs, thoughts, and virtually meeting a whole bunch of different people from lots of different places. And, unlike the bar argument, you can’t get your lights punched out on a blog — except virtually

    Grumpus – It does sound good, and I love Shirley Jackson, too. I’d wondered about the connection. It’s also an intersting juxtaposition because your blog isn’t really all that grumpy or dark

    Violetsky – For the longest time I kept wanting to pronounce it vioLETski (like some sort of Slavic surname). VioletSky suits the blog very well, I think — it always seems a bit poetic to me and thoughful and sometimes even “other worldly”

    Nat – Ah, so you’re a professional writer? No wonder you’re so good at it. I’m glad I found you recently…I’m really enjoying the tales of running and of course, about your little one

    Becky – Okay, okay, it wasn’t an accusation. I think we all censor ourselves a bit in our blogs, don’t we? People we know read them and then we get to know the people who read them and they’re all sitting on our shoulders as we write.

    RealGrouchy – Ah-ha! Okay, very good, now go get some sleep.

    Bob – I wondered about that, thanks. Soon you might even get to be GranpaBob!! I suppose there will be no end of photos and blog posts once that happens.

    Aziza – Well, I’m glad you did. You’re very gifted, especially for one so young.

    Robin – Oh boy! A short story AND an explanation. All that’s missing is the photo. Will you post one to go along with this?

    Missy – I LOVE LOVE, LOVE the name of your blog (The [fill in the Prefix] iest Thing i saw Today) and the whole premise of it as well. It’s perfect and I wish I’d thought of it myself. It lends itself to so many ideas and posts and, of course, your fabulous drawings. I’ll be sad if you close it up. Belated Geography is another great title. It will be interesting to see how this one develops.

    Jobthingy – This one has been a real mystery to me. I couldn’t figure out what it could possibly mean in reference to the blog. Now I know. Thanks. You should totally post this story — it’s a hoot.

    Jo – I reckoned it would be something creative and artistic, but with a special “Jo” twist. Just like your blog. I really liked C’est la Vie, too. It was very descriptive of your “live and let live” /”rolling with the punches” attitude toward life and yet, again with a creative/artistic flair.

  28. Jazz started years ago when i went online in a forum and needed a name. It just sort of imposed itself on me. As did the Michigan J. avatar, which I’ve always used…

    As for Haphazard Life, I was looking for a blog name and I was trying to find something with random, which I plugged into a thesaurus. Haphazard popped up and it somehow just sounded right. Most lives are pretty much haphazard anyway…

  29. I loved reading all the explanations!

    My blog name is pretty self-explanatory. Party of 3 is about me and my two girls. The other name I was considering was It’s Just a Pie, after a comment that Leah made once, but decided that the first choice was more fitting for what I blog about.

    But, I must admit that in reading comments from your other readers, I thought that Violetsky was Russian (I was pronouncing it wrong in my head) and always pictured a herd of galloping Victoria Secret demi-cups whenever I read the name Bandobras (Band ‘o Bras). Funny, eh?

  30. Jazz – Here I was expecting a great story about your beatnik days and an old beat up trumpet or something. You could still make up a cool jazzy backstory after the fact, right??

    Robin – Perhaps we could arrange to have this photo op staged for you??

    Alison – Party of 3 sounds very classy; like you’re at a fancy restaurant or something. There’s a blog called Justapie ( I’m not sure why I know that, but it sounded familiar so I looked it up. And, as I said in a previous comment, I always thought the same thing about Violetsky; though I was never quite sure what to think about Bandobras — I wasn’t pronouncing it correctly in my head, that’s for sure.

  31. Turtlehead is my mother’s word for that fuzzy feeling you get in your head when you’ve overslept. On weekends, when we’d sleep in as teenagers and then wake up grouchy, she’d say, “Somebody has a turtlehead!”

    I called my blog Turtlehead because it reminded me of my mother, and also, I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep and *wished* I had a turtlehead.

    These days, thanks to Austin Powers, almost everyone knows the urban dictionary’s definition of a turtlehead as a poop that just won’t push its way out. Not at all what I intended but, sadly, does kind of fit with my blog!

  32. Meanie – me too!

    Lynn – That’s very sweet that it’s kind of a tribute to your mom when the blog involves a lot about you BEING a mom. I hadn’t heard the turtlehead/poop connection — I’d alway heard of that particular bodily non-function referred to as gophering — or maybe gophering was the poop that was already poking out when you were still far away from a toilet??

  33. Okay, well, no. It wasn’t that easy. I considered a few different names, but none of which were particularly fitting. I spent some time asking a few friends. I had seen someone use the term once before somewhere and I like it. Anyhow, it fit because my mom’s favorite thing to call me is a heathen and when I was little she was always telling us not to be so uncouth. I checked ot see if anyone had it and sure enough they didn’t, so I snapped it up. The rest is history!

    Other names I considered were Lady Gay, but someone already had the domain name and I didn’t want only to be associated as a gay blogger and Common Sense for the Masses, because I used to write an online column with that title, but I thought I’d start out with something fresh and new. So, uncouth heathen it is, and I’m pretty pleased with my choice.

    Better? 🙂

  34. UP – Can’t wait!!

    Linsey – It’s an excellent explanation and a great name. It caught my attention because it sounded like it was going to be something raucous and earthy and fun while still being very, very literate. It certainly didn’t disappoint! Goes ta show ya – you can totally judge a book by its cover

  35. (i can’t seem to leave a complete, coherent comment what with these calm, self-entertaining babes of mine)

    I didn’t rack my brain too long over a blog name. I was too busy puking my guts out pregnant with the twins when I took up blogging. I’ve had it on my mental to-do list to write up my ‘Behind the Blog Name.’ Quick and dirty here (meow): I experienced both a major high (sans weed) and a major low (thanks to a belly full of beer) on a curb. So, voila! On the Curb. Encompassing everything from one end of the spectrum to the other. (i can’t type spectrum without thinking rectum…good thing i didn’t put too much thought into the blog naming game…no telling what twisted title i might have come up with)

    As far as not laying my actual name out there (yet…i may soon b/c i’m fairly benign and harmless in what i dish), my dad, while he’s well into his 70s, has become an internet fiend (he’s searched everyone he knows on crime internet databases, including all of his kids…we love dad). I wasn’t sure what sort of crap I would be throwing out there, so I went with the pseudonym ‘dee.’ For most everyone else, I either use their actual name or a close variation. I’m not into the whole DH, DD, DS bit as referring to anyone as ‘Darling’ is so blugh. And, changing names to cutesy monikers like MonkeyFace, PuddingPie, DoodleBug – that’s not my cup of tea either.

    And, that’s all I have to say about that…for now.

    (do you know it took me all day to peck this measly little comment out bit by bit? i love you that much. now, let’s make out.)

  36. my husband actually came up with the name of my blog. we were talking about nicknames, and i told him my dad used piglet as a pet name for me.

    as well, i like the piglet character in the whole winnie the pooh series b/c he seems to be pretty grounded, and i strive for that whole being grounded thing.

    the daily part was just an add similar to “the daily show”, or “the daily gazette”.

  37. OTC – I’m totally beside myself with gratitude that you put so much effort into commenting on my blog. And let me assure you it’s totally worth it because a day without contact with you is like a day without toast. And I LOVE toast. Ask my daughter. I have toast every day, or I feel totally out of sorts. Anyway, I somehow assumed a drunken episode somehow figured into your blog name. The high, I hadn’t reckoned with. You should post that story for sure, if not the drunken one. Tell us all about your high on the curb.

    DP – Good choice, except piglet isn’t quite as edgy as you are. Nuthin’ like an edgy piglet. Oh ya!

  38. The name for my blog was Shelley and Megan Butcher’s suggestion. After Friday night yoga at Rama Lotus one day they recommended I blog about what was going on in my dating life and when I said, “what should I call it?” I believe it was Shelley that said, “Jamine The Yoga Teacher.” So that’s what I did. I was new to it all and it seems to work. The other name it had was “Jamine’s Man-date.” I don’t blog about dating anymore ’cause I’m all nestled with someone, but the whole car shopping thing was very similar 😉

  39. …mine was drawn out … I toyed a long long time with Miss Kitty…. and Mr Kitty…. wanting to ensure some kitchness, a nod towards my love of Leopard print and my ‘fabulousness’ but I didn’t want to come off too nelly or attempt some invisible butchness. Miss vs Mr… After an internal debate, the final choice of Misster Kitty. I felt the ‘Misster’ was a nice blend of the both sides of the spectrum.

    Officially my blog is “Misster-Kitty’s Internal Voice’ because at first, it was more about me just venting all those internal thoughts I have… I still blog those, but there’s tons of other crap, filler and minutiae I unload as well… Mostly I use it as a place to clear my head before bedtime so I can get to sleep, seeing as my inner voice has been emptied…

    Whether or not anyone ever reads a tenth of what I write is immaterial… … yea I say that, but seriously… I get a thrill EVERY time someone comments on a post. After 500+ posts it’s still as exciting to me as the very first comment.

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  41. I did a blog on that not too long ago but reading yours, it made me think “UA you *could* have named your blog instead of your name?” who knew lol It just never occured to me to use a different name for my blog.

    As you pointed out, my first name was too confusing for others who knew you as Urban Pedestrian. And it’s such a beautiful name. It does represent both of us too. We’re both walkers, commuters, and urban. I’m still very happy with my new name, I think it represents me very well. As for a theme, I never really thought about it, it’s mostly a place for me to put opinions, emotions, relay what’s happening in my life, and in my running career 🙂

    But honestly, I doubt I’d be able to keep a theme for any length of time. I go into too many directions. I zigzag through life pretty much the same way. Some periods I’m totally focused, others I just float like the air sign I am.

    All I know is that my one year anniversary is coming up soon and although I have days when I have absolutely nothing to say and don’t post, I am enjoying it immensely and like another poster mentioned, I get thrilled when I get comments. It’s like getting a little personal note in your inbox 🙂

  42. The real reason behind choosing Tantalus is that the name has some connection to my past scientific research. However, revealing that connection would eliminate the anonymity that I currently have, something which I am not ready to have happen. However I do have a retconned explanation of how I came about the name Tantalus Prime …

    … to be posted on my blog.

  43. Jamine – Ah, you have a Megan connection! Actually, I had a sneaking suspicion that your blog name had something to do with the fact that you were a yoga teacher! Ha ha

    Misster Kitty – Your blog name suits you down to the claws! And I totallty agree with you about the comments. It’s as much fun, if not more than writing the actual blog.

    UA – It never occured to you to use a different name when your buddy and mentor, Jazz, does exactly that?? Me either! Both of our pedestrian blogs have certainly walked, wandered, strolled and ambled into many, many different directions. Has it really only been a year? It doesn’t take long to become an old pro, does it?

    Hunter – Yes, it does. I was more interested in the Hunter part from you, but we’ve had this discussion already.

    Tantalus – How very mysterious. I shall look forward to reading all about it on your blog. Are you a famous mad scientist?

  44. This post has solved two gigantic mysteries for me!!

    1. What the heck does “Ex Urban Pedestrian” mean? I’ve been pondering: Does everyone know except me? Am I out of the loop and a ‘tard for asking now?? When I found you through Debra’s blog and would see “XUP” as your comment name, I thought it was pronounced sounds-like “ZOOP.” Yup. I am THAT sharp. I love that I know for certain now.

    2. I have forever been amused and fascinated by what the hell “jobthingy” means. (Hi Jobthingy!) I just love to say “jobthingy.” Now I know THIS one too.

    I thought “Um…What??” was a unique name but I’m pretty sure it turns out it isn’t. Plus, something didn’t go down right when I was setting up the URL…and the URL itself doesn’t even say “Um What”…it says “Lesley” instead. Brilliant. Good thing I wasn’t planning on being anonymous!

    And don’t let Mo’s blog fool you: The girl’s got puhhh-lenty of snark in her! (In a good way!) 😉

  45. You’re so funny, XUP! I remember you and the fabulous pink boots. I even sent out a missing person’s ad when you went MIA for a bit. 😉

    I think my name and theme of my blog are pretty much self-explanatory. I do what I can to get by…and fake the rest. 🙂

  46. Lesley – Lots of people pronounce it “zoop” I found out — if you’re going to pronounce it, I would think that’s the best way…just saying the initials is dumb. Some people also say: Ex Up. Which is kind of funny. But whatever — there is also an explanation in my “About” page. I have to say that “Um…What?” is THE perfect title for your blog — totally represents what you do and who you are.

    Grandy – I miss the pink boots and thanks for hunting for me. I got a few emails and it kind of surprised me that people would actually notice and/or make a big deal out of it. Those emails and the other people posting ads looking for me certainly helped when I was trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge again. What is Grandy? Is that your actual name or short form of your name??

  47. I did read your about page (the first moment I found your lovely blog!) but I guess I didn’t make the connection between the “x” and the….oh, clearly I’m an idiot. I might have been drinking martinis that night and can’t be held accountable!

    I am just happy you resurfaced with a new blog that doesn’t limit your topics. I truly do look forward to every visit I make here. I always know I’ll laugh AND I’ll learn something.

    Let’s find this missing girl!

  48. Lesley – You’re making me fall in love with you all over again. However, this girl is NOT going to be easy to find. She has a last name like Brown. I don’t think I’d even recognize her if I tripped over her. I have started to look though since everyone seems to think it’s a good idea.

  49. Whoa! Look at all the comments! I have to be honest, I haven’t read any of the ones above, but thought that I would add my two cents. I choose Please Pick Up Your Socks, it for no really meaning ful reason. It’s just because A. used to leave his socks everywhere and thought that it would make a good blog name.

  50. J – Ya… whoa!! You should read through the other answers, there are some very interesting stories behind people’s blognames!! I found your blog over a year ago and clicked on it because the name sounded interesting. Even before I read it, the name sounded like an exasperated woman always having to pick up after her man.

  51. I’m late to the party, as usual.
    I originally intended to post knitting projects and little life bits, but I’ve drifted into lightly political/current events posts as well. I have a livejournal account too, where I posted more personal (and often “friends only”/private) entries. However, I seem to be gradually migrating things over to Knitting is my Boyfriend, as I’ve become a bit bored and annoyed with livejournal as it’s changed ownership over the past few years. This migration is making my posts a little more personal and random. Anyway, I don’t find my blog name too restricting, as a lot of people just think it’s a jokey name and not specifically knitting-related.

    The title of my blog was kind of inspired by The Hidden Cameras’ song “Music is my Boyfriend”.

    And “Em” is short for Emily, my real name. 🙂

  52. I really wanted to call my blog “” but it was taken. I’m sure you’ve noticed I use run-on sentences ALL THE TIME… The frustrating thing is that every combination, with or without dashes and hyphens, was taken. And most hadn’t been updated in years. Next, I tried “streamofconsciousness”. Also taken. Just as well: in hindsight, it’s a little pretensious… Then it was “chocolatefudgeyogurt” but even though it was available, I didn’t take it because I figured it was a little too specific and besides, there are 5 billion spellings for yogurt, so…………… meetmyshadow it is, then…

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