Naming the Blog

Here’s what I want to know; how do bloggers come up with their blog names? What do they signify? When I’m looking through other people’s blogrolls I usually chose blogs I want to read based on the blog’s title.

Some are fairly obvious because they describe what the blog was originally intended to talk about:  Breakfast Blogger, Knitting is my Boyfriend, Julia’s Sewing Blog (doesn’t get more obvious than that), Dave Knows Portland, Me, You and Ellie, (check out their truly amazing Moon Dance post) From Nat’s Brain, Reflecting, Daily Snark and, of course Urban Pedestrian . And, if you started out with a theme, have you stuck with it? Do you find it restricting? Or have you just wandered off into completely different territory?

Some bloggers use names other than those of their blog names to comment. Mostly they use their own names, sometimes nicknames; Zoom, Woodsy, Meanie, Jazz, Grumpus, Dr. Monkey, Misster Kitty, X, Grandy ….  Some bloggers use perfectly ordinary names and we assume they’re their real names (Brad Brown). But are they? And if not, why the pseudonym?

My blog name is as pedestrian as it sounds. The blog started out as a community blog on the Halifax Chronicle’s website, so I had to talk about something community related and since I regularly walked everywhere I wrote about walking-related stuff: traffic, transit, urban infrastructure, fitness, weather, dog poop, shopping downtown, etc., etc.  Eventually, I found that a bit restricting and so moved off on my own.

Then I moved to Ottawa and wasn’t familiar enough with the city to blog about community-related stuff anymore. Then a lot of things happened, yadda, yadda, yadda, I didn’t blog at all for a while and then I decided to restructure as the ex-urban pedestrian in order to sort of keep the connection (and url) to the previous blog, but I wanted to add more variety.

In an interesting aside story, some time just after my move to Ottawa, I discovered a new blog that called itself THE Urban Pedestrian. (no THE in my name) Of course I had to leave a haughty yet welcoming comment. I’ve become a regular reader and she’s become a regular commenter on my blog and we’ve even been in touch by email a few times and once, if the train hadn’t been so damn late, would have met. (next time) Anyway, after my initial comment, she decided to change her name and is now known as Urban Animal.

Where did your name come from? What does Geewits mean? Bandobras?  Tantalus Prime? Cedarflame?Why Uncouth Heathen? Skylark? On the Curb? Urban Panther/Urbane Lion? Watawa LifeVioletsky? Deb on the Rocks? Salted Lithium?

What’s the story behind your blog name? I know some of you have an explanation in your “about” page, but some of you are a mystery. And, what are some interesting blog names you’ve come across? Or do you have an intriguing blog name you’d like to share that I don’t know about?

Yes, this is something of a cross-linking carnival, but it’s more fun than a meme and could be educational and  I’m actually very interested to know why I’ve been calling someone Jobthingy for months and I have no idea why.


If I haven’t linked to your blog it isn’t because I don’t think your name isn’t interesting, but because I just randomly picked from those whose names I see a lot in the comments. I DO want to know how anybody comes up their blog name, familiar or not, so please tell.