On Rain Bonnets

I was out early doing errands this morning. Most people were either at work or away for the long weekend, I guess. And the kids were still asleep. So, it was me and a lot of old people.

Then it started to rain and out came the rain bonnets. On the way home, I was the only female on a bus full of people without a rain bonnet on.

Nobody had umbrellas or raincoats or even rain hats, but they all had rain bonnets. Not just plain clear ones, either. They seem to come with a fairly wide, if conservative, variety of designs on them.

Some had rain drops, predictably enough. Some had polka dots. Some had flowers. Some had stripes. Nothing too garish. All pastels on a clear background. All the tie-thingies were either white, red or black.

Rain bonnets confound me. Where do they get them? I’ve never seen them for sale anywhere – or maybe I just haven’t been looking hard enough. Do they come free with something only old women purchase?

How old do you have to be before you can pull one of these off without looking ironic?

Most of the women with rain bonnets had short, white hair. The rest had short orangey hair. Maybe it’s more hair-related than age-related?

And, what exactly is the purpose of the rain bonnet? It only keeps hair dry (if it’s short), maybe a bit of the neck and possibly some of the forehead if it’s pulled forward far enough.

Does every woman of a certain age carry a rain bonnet in her purse? Will I have to start carrying one eventually? What will happen if I don’t?