5 New Crushes

Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, host of CBC News At Six in Ottawa.  Suddenly, I love CBC news (at 6:00), even though it takes most of the hour to say her name.


The Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World. The website is also hilarious good fun: http://staythirstymyfriends.com/


Pamela Adlon, the voice of Bobby Hill on King of the Hill. Is there anything cuter than a woman in an undershirt who can sound like a 10-year-old Texas boy?


Tom Jones. An old crush, renewed. I recently watched an episode of Canadian Idol because he was on it — dude’s still got it; still shakin’ his thang.


While I was watching Canadian Idol, I found this guy: Theo Tams –whoa mamma! Seriously talented and as adorable as all-get-out.


24 responses to “5 New Crushes

  1. My husband and I just spent the last half-hour arm-wrestling Chairman Mao, flying carrier pigeons names Steve, and harvesting medicinals in the rainforest with a blowgun. Thanks! What a fun site.

  2. Hahaha! I’ve got a girl-crush on Lucy, too! Hadn’t watched local news in YEARS before she took over – summer of 2007, I think? After you get used to it, she has one of those fun names to say – like George Stroumboulopoulos 😉

  3. Number 1. Can’t do the hair. Reminds me of Anne Heche, every Lesbian in the world breaks out in a cold sweat at the name Anne Heche.

    Wow, Booby Hill is cute.

  4. I’m a Lucy lover as well. So bubbly and it’s genuine. My newest crush is Gerard Butler (PS I love you). Now, that fella is easy on the eyes!

  5. Jobthingy – I don’t find him particularly attractive, but he IS very, very cool (very) and the whole ad series is funny. Funny is also cool

    Susan – good for you. Did you qualify as TMIMITW’s assistant?

    Tania – Do you miss her out there “on the coast”?

    Dr. M – you don’t like Theo? The kid’s 20 something, is a trained opera singer and classical pianist and is called Theo. Give the guy a break

    Alison – Mookie? Meh…

    J – He was always a sexy old guy from my perspective — sexy in kind of a really uncomfortable way.

    Jazz – Bobby is priceless.

    Cedar – Anne Heche is a tool. But not a useful one. Actually I always think Lucy reminds me of Ellen. Maybe they both had the same hair at some point. Anne doesn’t have the wide open smile and engaging manner — you’d have to see Lucy in action. (Also for homework google image Pamela – there are many lovely photos. I liked this one best)

    Raino – The word, “bubbly” makes me shudder. Lucy’s not bubbly, okay? Take it back. You can’t do bubbly news. That would be weird. I had to look up Gerard. He seems pleasant enough

  6. Upon first glance, I thought your Lucy Luvah was Ellen…as you replied to Cedar, yeh, maybe similar hair at some point, but definitely share the same warm, smiling eyes.

    You really span it all there…blonde, brunette, wooly, clean shaven, young, not so young, guy, girl…nice to see you don’t limit yourself.

    You top my crush list. meow.

  7. I just discovered The Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World a few days ago, and I was instantly smitten.

    I thought Lucy was Ellen for a moment. Quite a resemblance.

    I always thought Engelbert Humperdinck (now there’s a name…) was dishier than Tom Jones, but Engelbert hasn’t stood the test of time as well as Tom has.

  8. When Tom Jones revived his career with a re-make of Prince’s “Kiss”, I thought that was cool. The fact that he can still sing anything and make it sound good this many years after later is also astounding, considering the power it takes to hit some of those notes.
    …but seriously – No one here has commented on what he looked like in his close-up on Canadian Idol.
    His plastic surgery looks worse than Kenny Rogers’ did just a couple of years ago. Poor Tom’s face looks like one more bad turn of the knife could force him to wear a mask. Close up, his face was quite scary. Damaged.
    I don’t care who you are. If you’re a guy – unless you’ve been in a traffic accident, you really shouldn’t get plastic surgery on your face. When your vanity backfires like that, it’s tough to recover from it.
    Because women in show business face different pressures to stay in the business, I’d give them a pass, but there’s no woman in the world of celebrity more beautiful than Julie Christie, and she’s still all perfectly natural, from what I can tell. She’s 67 this year. Look her up on imdb.com.
    ***Englebert’s real name was Arnold George (which he initially changed to Gerry for the stage) Dorsey, so he definitely knew the power in a weird name.

  9. Raino – She’s very pleasant to look at and listen to. She looks serious enough when there’s grim news, but is always ready to break into a smile the rest of the time. Not like..oh say, Sandy Rinaldo –what the hell is up with her? That hair??? That droning annoying voice??? Shudder

    UP – How very manly of the Lion to admit to a man crush. Do you suppose he’s suck wine out of Tom Jones’ pant leg?

    Kimberly – Happy to have made the introduction. I also thought it would be fun for the US people to have a glimpse at our Idol competitions, since I’m sure it doesn’t air down there — even though American Idol takes over our networks when it’s on.

    OTC – glad you noticed my universal crushotomy. And I’m honoured to top your own crush list. Wah-hooo. (does this mean I’ll be getting regular gifts from you or what?)

    Jo – Englebert? Yuck. He always looked too neanderthal for me. Whatever happened to him? Actually, I didn’t even know Tom was still around until I heard he was going to be on Idol and then they said he had an album out. The amazing thing is that he can still sing as well as he ever could. Lots of the oldies that are kicking around these days have lost most of their singing ability (Paul Anka, Elton John, Anne Murray — saw her the other day and it was baaaad) Frank Sinatra toward the end was just going through the motions. Tom is still belting them out, though.

  10. JB – Ya, poor Tom did look kind of weird close up. And so orange, too. I chose to ignore that though because I was so amazed that he could still belt out those tunes. Back in the day everyone was always going on about how he couldn’t last very long with how loudly he sang — but lo and behold, his big old voice is holding up much better than those who only crooned.

  11. i love the beer guy, very impressive marketing.

    i also like pamela adlon, she’s been in a lot of different sitcoms over the past couple of years. she was in this one on showtime or hbo, her husband was really tall and red hair and they had one child. they took it off of the air but i really enjoyed it.

    i hope her career continues to be successful.

  12. All I ask is that you give A-News at 6 a try, but especially A-News at 11 most Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, and both 6 and 11 on weekends. Guess who produces those shows?


    Around our newsroom, the CBC anchor is known as Lucy van Alphabet.

  13. Not sure you’ll ever see this as I am posting it on an old blog entry, but I wondered if you had seen Theo Tams’ new video for “Wait For You” yet. He’s as adorable as ever and super-sweet, and his voice is even more gorgeous than during his stint on Idol. Live performance on the video as well, so it’s just Theo and the piano – perfect!!