7 Reasons Why Men Don’t Oogle Older Women

As a spin-off to yesterday’s post that included a reference to the “invisible middle-aged woman,” I figured out reasons why we old broads disappear off the male radar screen. Interestingly, I don’t think it has much to do with the way we look.  Yes, we may not be as firm and perky as our younger sisters, but we’re certainly not so hideous that people need to avert their eyes. There are many, many very beautiful older women. So, there must be other reasons why men try to pretend we don’t exist.

  1. They know older women are on to them. Older women have heard all their lines and lies and boasts and excuses. They know if they make eye contact with an older woman, they risk full exposure. So they ply their wily ways on younger women who believe them when they say, “I’ve never felt this way about anyone else,” or, “I’ve been celibate since my wife died.”
  2. They think if they strut around with a young woman, it makes them look young and virile, too. Because two middle-aged people together look like grandparents, right?  But an older guy with a hot young thing looks like he’s still got it and/or has a lot of money.
  3. Sex with a younger woman is easier because they have fewer expectations. They’re flattered when he says, “Uh, sorry, babe. It’s just that you’re so damn exciting, I couldn’t help myself.” And they think it’s really romantic when an hour later he’s still saying, “Let’s just hold each other tonight.”
  4. Dating younger women consists of calling them whenever he feels like it and picking her up for a dinner in cheap restaurants, hitting a club now and then, or maybe a bit of browsing at the mall. Dating older women is really complicated. They have kids and dogs and homes of their own and important jobs that take a lot of time and energy. Dates with older women might involve having to cook for them, helping them in the garden, or joining her in her new rock-climbing hobby.
  5. The boyfriend is the centre of a young woman’s universe. Men generally enjoy this position. Older women know they can live quite happily without the boyfriend. He’s only welcome as long as he adds something positive to the life she already has. This is a very precarious and uncomfortable position for a man to be in.
  6. Dating younger women means the man gets to meet her friends, which means meeting more younger women. Dating older women means the man just meets a lot more older women.
  7. Breaking up with a younger woman is easy. The man just makes up some story about being recalled to his Foreign Legion duties or having to go back to his ex-wife to take care of her because she’s dying or something. The young woman will cry a lot and then move on. With an older woman, chances are it will be the man who gets dumped first. But, if not, the man has to extricate himself from the relationship with care. The older woman has had many years to hone and practice her revenge skills.