Weigh Cool

So we’ve discussed the clothes and the hair and the underwear, but what about the “you” under all that glitz and glamour?

We’ve all just spent several months filling our summer selves with summertime goodness like barbeques and ice creamy treats and patio food and festival food and vacation food and beer and other cool refreshing beverages. And, all the while we’ve been lounging around because it’s summer and it’s too hot to do anything too strenuous, right?

Now, maybe the shorts are starting to feel a bit snug and we’re dusting off the fall gear which also seems to have shrunk a bit. We have about 3 months to get back in shape before the winter glut-fest begins. What to do? What to do?

For me it’s always tough to keep the pounds from creeping on in the summer. When it’s cold and the snow is up to my goo-gaw, I burn a million calories just walking to work. But in summer — there’s so much good stuff to eat (and drink) and not enough time or inclination in between to work it off.

Unless you’re like Zoom and manage to find yourself a brand new honey to keep you fit with that first bloom of lust thing and consequently have your pants falling off you by now. (Notice how she hasn’t mentioned any foolishness about getting up at 5:00 to go to the gym lately??)

Those of us with more sporadic bedtime adventures need to find other ways to maintain our optimum fitness levels. Especially, as we sink deeper and deeper into middle age when one good meal puts on five pounds that will take two months to work off.

Fortunately, the Urban Animal’s running discussions lately are so filled with the essence of runner’s high, that they made me long to get back out there and run myself.  I’ve always loved to run, especially in the early morning when the sun’s just coming up and it’s only you, the newspaper guys and a few dog walkers out there. I stopped a while back, though because it was starting to affect my knees.

Then, a month or so ago, I was passing by a sports shop and they had my favorite runners on for half price, so I figured it was kismet. So, I’ve been out there fairly regularly loping along. The knees are okay so far.

As an added bonus Ottawa has suddenly been overwhelmed with fresh-from-the-orchard/field local produce. So I’m all about the fruit and the salad vegetables lately.

If I can keep it up I think I’m going to be okay while still enjoying the last of the waning barbeque/patio/festival/beer-and-other-cool-refreshing-beverages season.

What do you do to stay fit? How do you keep the middle-age spread from spreading too far?

17 responses to “Weigh Cool

  1. Since my middle age spread is approaching Ponderosa dimensions( you younguns can ask your parents about the show instead of the restaurant) I have been making a concerted effort to do more walking and a lot more cycling. Then I thought, since fat is killing way more people than guns in Canada why not get the government to start a registry for fat and outlaw it. Then we would all be svelte fit and sassy. It sure seems easier than the diet/exercise thing.

  2. As I mentioned in my other comment, I’m glad you picked up jogging again. It’s great isn’t it? I’m not doing it to be fit or lose weight, I’ve decided to do it because I always wanted to do it but knew I wouldn’t do too well on my own, I like the group environment. But I never thought I would enjoy it so much.

    It’s not really affecting my knees and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m wearing really good shoes or do the correct stretches or because I’m trying very hard to control my pace (I tend to go fast first then slow down, must control that) so I don’t put too much emphasis on my knees. It’s working so far 🙂

    This in addition to cycling and the occasional yoga session is helping. But I hear you about the pounds creeping up, so easy! Summer is great for eating well, lots of fresh stuff. So yummy. I don’t want it to end!

  3. It’s been very hard to keep from gaining and to work out since I went back to work six months ago. Fortunately, though, I’m still less than my maximum weight ever. We’ve started walking more. I’m too far gone at this point to even consider running.

    However, 2 1/2 more weeks and I’ll be out of work again. 😉

    Then, I’ll have more time to pay attention to fitness and weight.

    (Being out of work is not a bad thing for me. I retired last year and this job was intentionally a limited duration gig.)

  4. Gee XUP, I wish I could say all my pants are falling off me, but alas, it just wouldn’t be true. It’s just that one pair of unlucky jeans.

    Despite my concerted pre-dawn efforts at the gym (you’re right, I stopped doing that), I have spent the last few months gaining and losing the same damned pound.

  5. “Sporadic bedroom adventures.” :-d

    Congrats on the running! That’s fairly bad ass. I don’t care how gravity-defying my sports bra is…by boobs are having NONE of that.

    I’m a gym rat myself. Elliptical, stairclimber, recumbent bike, weights. For four years in my early thirties I seriously studied figure skating and OHMYGOD. My quads and my ass were harder than steel. It was just so stupidly expensive (coaching, competing) that I eventually got out of it. I miss it!!

    On a side note, that really is the fanciest scale I’ve ever seen. If I weighed myself on that, I feel like it should also kick out some kind of carnival prize every time I did. Or maybe tell my fortune. Or read my palm.

    I hope we will get further updates on your running adventures.

  6. Before I had Claire, I lost 40 lbs with Weight Watchers and became a Lifetime member. I kept it off for two years before getting pregnant. Then, after Claire, the weight came off pretty easily. Now, my exercise routine involves chasing a toddler. I just try to keep the food and drink portions low and move more than I eat. Some days are better than others. 🙂

    The habits I learned from WW are still a part of my life, so that’s made it a pretty easy transition. I’m sure I’ll have to adjust as life changes on down the road…

  7. Bandobras – What ever happened to your foray into vegetarianism? How’s that working out? Or did you give up? Outlawing fat is not as far-fetched as it may sound. Lots of workplaces have now refused to hire overweight people and have given current employees a specific period of time to lose the weight or get fired. Insurance, days off, that kind of stuff seems to be hitting their bottom line and they don’t like it.

    UA – Ya, I love it. My shoes are always good. I think if I could find a non-concrete place to run, it might help. And I do yoga right after the run. I’m just getting old. I didn’t notice the knees until the last year or so.

    Mike – YES! Work is awful for weight gain. Sitting around all day, boredom eating, people bringing goodies in to “taste”, lunches with the gang. I do much better when I’m on vacation. And why the heck are you working when you’re retired, anyway? Why do people do that? I can’t wait to retire and never, ever have to punch a clock again (so to speak)

    Zoom – Aw, you’re a tiny little thing. You keep up with your current exercise program and you’ll be fine — it’s probably more fun than the gym, anyway, right?

    Lesley – my daughter’s a figure skating fanatic. I’m trying to keep it fairly low key. This year is going to be make or break. We’ll see. As for running, I’m not sure what sort of adventure reports you’re expecting. I have no adventures. I go out. I run. I zone out. I come home and have a shower. I used to compete in races and stuff, but I’m well beyond that now. I’m also not interested in marathons, so all I’ll really be able to report is how many rabbits I almost fell over. (Damn, Ottawa has a lot of wildlife roaming the city)

    CP – Wow — good for you. I have heard good things about WW. It seems like the way to go if you have some substantial poundage to shed. And ya, it used to be so easy. When I’d get too lazy for a while and put on 5 pounds, I’d get strict with my diet and run a little extra for a couple of weeks and away it went. Now it takes 3 weeks of intense work to shed every pound. Stupid aging.

  8. i walk alot. might have something to do with the fact i am of the non driving variety. but i also live quite close to the bare necessities (2 grocery stores, 2 phamacies, a timmies and a beer store). we also have an outdoor pool we take full advantage of in the summer months.

    i do have to say that i weigh more now then i have in quite sometime (182 at 6feet) but in all my tallness i spread it out quite well.

    i will go back to my regular daily power walking as well when Speedy goes back to school. i like to do at least a mile every day, 2 if i skip a day.

  9. i’ve been skinny gal my whole life up until about last year. last year is when i started noticing that i could not eat whatever i want, whenever i want without some kind of repercussions. the damage seems to be manifesting itself as backfat. ugh. i walk all over this great city, try to squeeze in 3 45-minute runs a week, and pop in an annoying kathy smith dvd a few times a week that takes care of some lower body, upper body and abs in 20 minute segments. i also tried power yoga in the hot room last week at rama lotus and LOVED it. i think when summer is over i will incorporate that into my non-routine routine.

  10. Lately, I don’t. Keep the middle aged spread from spreading too far. Because even if there isn’t a party or bbq to go to, the Mistah and I create our own.

    It’s time. It’s really really time.

  11. Jobthingy – Walking is the best way to stay in shape, I think. No stress on the limbs. Lots of outdoor time, AND you get in some weight bearing exercise at the same time when you have carry stuff home.

    meanie – Backfat? That’s a new one. I’ve heard complaints about belly fat and butt fat and hip fat and thigh fat, but never backfat. Well, you seem to have quite a thorough routine- even if it’s not a routine.

    Ellie – It’s sooooo hard when there are so many other, funner things to do, isn’t it?

    Jazz- Hey, if it was good enough for Cleopatra, why not you?

  12. Why fight it? There’s just more of me to love.

    All seriousness aside, I’m trying to get more active, being mildly diabetic and all. But I’m only kidding myself when I say I’ll go back to the gym — I’ve just never been comfortable in that atmosphere, even at Cuts for Men (or “Flabby’s” as I like to call it). Running is out. I’ve tried it, but I come from a family of bad knees. Regardless of how good my shoes are, the pounding kills my knees, leaves me hobbling, and deprives me of sleep because of the pain.

    I did buy an Nintendo Wii a couple weeks back. I haven’t been able to buy Wii Fit yet (stupid Nintendo; stupid eBay), but I do play tennis for about 45 minutes, three or four times a week. And I really get into it, jumping around my living room floor and actually swinging at the ball. It gets my heart rate up and makes me sweat quite a bit, so it must be good exercise.

  13. Bob – I’m not a big fan of the gym either. I’m not sure about the Wii. It doesn’t sound too bad. How about walking? Walking, briskly, outdoors is great exercise. Maybe you could get a dog which will give you an excuse for a walk a couple of times a day??

  14. Interestingly, I find Summer the easiest time of year to keep the weight off. I am never that hungry because of the heat, and despite not running during the Summer months, I am always on the go physically. And I’m much happier due to Vitamin D production. Now the Winter! That’s a different story.

    Over the course of my last long term relationship I gained 20 lbs. No idea where they came from as they crept on an ounze or 2 at a time. During the break up I lost 20 lbs in one month. Not good, but I have kept that off for almost 2 years now. I know we aren’t supposed to be addicted to scales, but I step on mine every 2 or 3 days. I have an absolute max weight, and if I go over that, even by half a pound, I cut back on my food intake until I’m back below the max. I have also increased my fruits and veggie intact (heck, let’s be honest, I never ate them before), and I run from September through to May. This all seems to keep the weight exactly where I feel the healthiest.

    Hmmmm…add to that a fair amount of lustful activity, like Zoom. Works wonders I find, and way more enjoyable than pounding the pavement.