Men Stylin’ into Middle Age: The Survey

Okay, I was challenged to do a survey the other day and since we’ve talked a lot about women over 40 and their fashions, I thought it was time we tackled some men’s issues. So, I developed this comprehensive survey to address the top 10 style dilemmas men face. And, please leave any comments on these or any additional issues I may have overlooked.

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14 responses to “Men Stylin’ into Middle Age: The Survey

  1. Men don’t have to worry about being fashionable. We just “are” and the world is a better place for it. Otherwise we would have to pay a hundred dollars to get our hair done and double up on the dry cleaning costs etc. We will leave all that to the women who we know dress for each other anyway. Enjoy the sport, we do

  2. Couldn’t disagree more with bandorbras more if I tried… (but I’m guessing XUP knew that)

    Ok well I completed the survey, but feel compelled to provide a little more detail…

    1. Hair?

    Short or Bald thank you please! … although sometimes a longer flowing main of hair can be nice… case in point Tennis stars: Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, or say, Fabio. (Ok only joking about the Fabio… although it could double as a choking device… Why somebody hasn’t thought of that already is beyond me…)

    2. Dyed hair when it goes grey?

    Oh hell no! Keep it natural…

    3. Necklaces/rings other than wedding ring?

    That really is not a simple yes no answer. An additional ring or two is fine, (I typically wear 3) just leave the mood rings and those lame ass pseudo-sports rings the size a Volkswagen Bug alone.

    As for chains, a simple gold or silver chain, or better year a bit of leather cord around the neck – a la Matthew McConaughey – (with or without pendant) can be very sexy, and remember ladies – and men – (like Fabio-length hair, it doubles as a choking device if they piss you off) The rule of thumb here is ONE per neck… unless you’re Mister T I pity the fool who thinks they look good with a higher number of chains around their neck than their IQ… although now that I write this, there might be a correlation…

    4. Waxed legs/chest?

    See #2 (unless of course your chosen profession is drag queen)

    5. Unwaxed hairy back?

    Unless they are Sasquatch, see above

    6. Sexiest underwear?

    Now that really depends on: location and time of day… that said, given circumstance, I fully expect to see one of the following:
    -Tightie whities

    (Bikinis and Trunks need not apply)

    7. Speedo-style swimsuit to beach?

    Totally depends on the body inside the speedo now, doesn’t it. 🙂

    Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farral, Daniel Craig. OH GOD YES!
    Dan Goodman, Woody Allan, Simon Cowel, OH DEAR GOD NO!

    This is akin to my steadfast rule concerning Spandex/Lycra (rule applies to both genders)… Spandex/Lycra is a PRIVILEGE, not a Right.

    8. Long crotched old man pants?

    I say, why pants at all?

    9. Topless in town or shops on hot day?

    Like a Speedo, that totally depends on the body… and, as well there is the cleanliness factor… (see #7)

    10. Facial hair?

    Facial hair is HAWT! …in ANY amount…

    soul patch,
    Van dyke,

    …just keep it clean. I don’t want to be able to see what you had for lunch on Monday…

    – – – – –

    Now if I might add two more:

    1) Nose/ Ear hair.

    For the love of God Men (and possible some of the Ladies) … cut, shave, trim, pluck, or weed-whack if need be, but I do not want to see a forest growing out of either your ears or nose.


    2) (This is one that can make me dry heave faster than sour milk…) Socks with Sandals. A more nefarious look I cannot imagine…

  3. Helen – Women hate the speedos! I should have somehow distinguished between male and female respondents, but it was enough of a challenge for me to get this much of a survey done (not been a technical wizard, or even technically competent)

    Bandobras – I know you’re being a tad facetious after my last comment to you, but I’m sure in reality you anxiously await your monthly copy of GQ and have long chats with the shopping consultants at Moore’s or wherever it is that fashionable men of a certain age shop.

    Kitty – I did a whole post back in June on Socks with Sandals which I think you might enjoy ( And, yes, I should have mentioned the nose and ear hair AND caterpillar eyebrows thing. I agree about keeping facial hair clean which is one reason I’m not too fond of it on a romantic partner. There’s always something in there (old food, snot, dry skin, things that fall out of the sky) that I don’t want anywhere close to any of my personal areas. And, you don’t like the trunks? Like the Y-fronts with legs? I like those the best. Boxers are nice, but not under clothes – then everything just looks rumply and messy. Finally – “Spandex/Lycra is a PRIVILEGE, not a Right!” Ha ha ha. We should get t-shirts printed!

  4. heh yea I’ve got the caterpillar eyebrow gene… and to that end I have my brows trimmed at each haircut.. which I know is a very sharp double edged sword because should I NOT get my hair cut some day I’ll have a very noticeable “Brezhnev” thang going on in no time…

    I’ll be checking out the socks n sandals post toot sweet…

    By trunks I think you are referring to Boxer-Briefs… and they are ok, certainly practical under pants… but they remind me of those all in one girdles…

  5. Hair: It all depends on the guy. I’ve seen over 40s with poney tails that looked good, because THEY HAD ALL THEIR HAIR! Those little rat tail things are nasty. If you’re going bald, deal with it. Shave it off or cut it short. Women really don’t mind a guy going bald – the comb over is a major turnoff.

    Dying your hair: For Pete’s sake, don’t you think women are ridiculous enough with the money we spend on dyeing our hair? It’s stupid. Don’t go there.

    Waxing – Personally I like a man to be hairier than me. I have no problem with chest hair, leg hair back hair. I like a hairy man. If you’re not an olympic caliber swimmer, there’s no reason to go hairless. You’re not a prepubescent child. Again, look at how ridiculous we women are. Do you really want to act this neurotic?

    Facial hair – As long as it’s not a 70s style ‘stache or one of those nasty santa clause beards, I have no problem with it. Just please, if you don’t have enough facial hair to have a full beard, don’t go there. There’s nothing worse than a beard with holes in it. And if you do decide to go for facial hair, please realize that it’s much more work than clean cut.

    Damn, I just realized my answers are all about hair.

    But I like boxers.

    And unless you’re Michael Phelps, Speedo? Don’t go there. I’m sure even he wears surf shorts to the beach.

  6. Nothing is carved in stone, and my comments are generalities that will have valid exceptions.

    1. Short hair is neat and respectable. And please, no ponytail. It’s a look that doesn’t work on any guy.

    2. Dyed hair. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. A guy who used to cut my hair called the salt in my salt-and-pepper hair “natural highlights”.

    3. Necklaces and rings are okay, but beware of excess. I don’t wear a necklace, because I tend to lose them, but if I were given one as a gift, I would wear a nice, light chain. I wear two rings: My high school ring (a nice reminder of a good time in my life) and a signet ring that my aunt gave my Dad for his 16th birthday (he’ll be 77 tomorrow). Of his two sons, I’m the only one with the same initials.

    4. Waxed legs/chest. Why? — unless your chest is SO hairy…

    7. Speedo. You have to be, ahem, BUILT for it, in every sense of the word.

    8. Long-crotched pants. NO, NO, NO. Kids wear them and look ridiculous, and old guys usually end up pulling them up to their crotches, thereby hiking the waistband up to their armpits. Leave it for Abe Simpson and Hans Moleman.

    9. Topless in town or in shops: Never, regardless of the physique. No shirt, no shoes, no class.

    10. Facial hair: as much as possible, within limits.

    But that’s just me. 🙂

  7. NO SPEEDOS!!!! Super hairy backs, nooooo. Facial hair…love it, but not on the Lion except for the 5 o’clock that’s sexy on my man. Hair, bald (Vin Diesel!), short like my Lion’s, longer but above the shoulders. But pony-tails, no way guys. And I love silver hair. Don’t dye it!

  8. speedos.. YUCK!we have a private pool here and there is an older man that goes swimming in the afternoon. i always call him the old ‘macro’.

    he runs around in his speedo flirtin with the older ladies. its so gross.

  9. I saw a Gregory Peck movie the other day, and it struck me that he must have been one of the best looking men on the planet. I think I like a man over 40 who has the confidence to have short, clean hair, a great shirt and pants, good shoes and nothing gimmicky. There is nothing sexier than a man in a great shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, and he has tanned forearms. Yum.

    Simple is best.

    However, I think good grooming includes getting rid of the back hair and the nasal hairs. Yuck.

  10. A hairy back on a man is such a gargantuan deal breaker for me. No, no, PLEASE no.

    On the flip side, I LOVE grey in a man’s hair. (How unfair that I despise my own and cover it up at all costs, yet get all saucy from seeing it on the lid of a sexy man. Yum, yum.

    And really, on the whole, what’s most fashionable to me on a man of any age is good grooming. Nails, skin, hair (including what should be there and what shouldn’t). Smell good, but only up close. Please don’t knock me over with your fumes from 75 feet away.

    I also love a really large, really classy watch on a man.

    I think the mere fact a man is over 40 is one of his best accessories. Age and life experience and maturity and greater wisdom ARE SEXY.

  11. I was going to take the survery, but the yes or no only choices didn’t work for me. If there had been a “sometimes” or “maybe.” I could have done it. I also agree with everything Jazz said except the ponytail part. Men should only have long hair if they are in a rock band or are a gay magician. Men are all so different, even the underwear question stumped me. Some look better in some things than others. Just like the shirtless thing: If a guy is really hot (not temperature-wise) that would be fine with me, but NO to a fat pasty guy. And really, what is the waxing all about? Who decided this was a good thing? Like Jazz said, do we want everyone to look like they are 9 or 10? That’s creepy.