Zany Antics

Okay, so the City of Ottawa decided that all 1100 Ottawa taxis had to have security cameras installed by August 2nd or they’d lose their license.

 Cabbies were totally pissed off with this plan, because:

 a) because they figured a camera wasn’t going to protect them from violent or drunk passengers and would much rather have had something useful like a protective shield between the front and back seats; and,

 b) because the cabbies themselves had to cough up a good portion of the $1200 for cameras though some of that was recovered with a temporary fare surcharge.

Nevertheless, all but 100 cabbies have so far complied with the regulation.

Sure enough the other day a cabbie got robbed at knife-point by five hooligans. Imagine the ensuing shock and awe over the not-so-good deterrent qualities of the camera!

But, it’s okay because now we have the robbers on film, right and we can just look around until we see them and then go round them up, right?

Except…except… and here’s where it gets really hilarious… the police don’t have the software needed to actually view the tapes! Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ooops! They expect to get this “glitch” sorted out in the next week or so.

Oh man, Ottawa’s a fun place.

According to statistics from other cities, cameras in cabs ended up reducing crimes against cabbies in the long run. So, who knows?  

I think I might feel a bit better about taking an Ottawa cab now, anyway, because sometimes there’s a bit of crazy shit flowing from the front seat to the back as well as the other way around.