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Cheech & Chong have reunited for a US and Canada tour this fall. They’ll be in Ottawa Sept. 5th – tickets are $50+++.  Okay, so I’m as in love with the 1970s as the next guy and watching people pretending to smoke big fat joints was really hilarious then for some reason. But, seriously? Cheech & Chong? I mean, look at these guys.



Beijing’s Spiritual Civilization Construction Commission has been working hard to improve the manners and deportment of its citizens over the last couple of years. Etiquette handbooks were distributed to the unwashed masses instructing them on such things as: not wearing more than 3 colors at any one time; women with fats legs must wear dark stockings and women with thin legs, light stockings; things you must never bring up in conversation with westerners (age, income, marital status, address, past experience, personal life, or religious or political beliefs); and that when standing people should keep their feet slightly apart in a V shape. Great! This will certainly fool us all into believing Beijing is a hip, cool, non-human-rights-violating place.


PETA, who in their own eye-rollingly crazy way, have done a lot of good for animal rights, has posted an ad on its blog comparing the killing and beheading of 22-year-old Tim McLean to the slaughter of animals for human consumption. I get that they’re trying to hook into the shock and upset everyone is feeling about this incident, but I’m pretty sure this one is going to backfire.


It’s August and all this talk about the possibility of someone calling an early fall election just makes me shake my head in awe and wonder at how different our federal electoral process is from that of our American neighbours. And yet we both wind up with strikingly similar bobble-heads.


H&M in Vancouver is in big doo-doo for hustling breast-feeding mom, Manuela Valle, off the shop floor and literally pushing her into a dressing room in the back. They told her it was store policy and that other customers were offended. Mom felt humiliated, like she was being treated like a shoplifter or something.  Mom is going to the BC human rights tribunal. H&M is furiously backpedalling now saying they have no such policy and that staff in the Vancouver store was just trying to find a more comfortable place for the mother to nurse her baby (sort of against her will and even though she was perfectly comfortable already).  In Vancouver of all places! 


France is pondering the possibility of a junk-food tax in an attempt to discourage the consumption of greasy, sugary, over-salted, processed foods. France has always been particularly disturbed by the influx of American fast food and has done its best to keep it out and limit its visibility.  It was only last year that McDonalds was able to break into the French market. Will they be able to pull off a junk food tax increase of almost 15%? The extra tax money would go into the health care system. WIn-win, right??????


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  1. The PETA ad is most definitely going to backfire. Bad.

    As for China, you mean there are human rights violations there? I saw some Chinese on TV standing with their feet apart, wearing two colours and dark stockings and I simply cannot believe that. It’s propaganda it is!!!

  2. Saw a one-hour documentary on TVOntario last night, focusing on young girls working in clothing factories (specifically making jeans, in this case). At the end of the hour, it was noted that in the time it took to watch the show, the women (I believe they followed six of them throughout) would have made 35 pairs of jeans, and together would have ‘earned’ …95 CENTS.
    Going to be tough to avoid buying clothes made in China, but I’m going to try.

    Cheech and Chong? Does Tommy Chong have enough left in that cranium to perform with? (Marijuana has been proven to shrink the brain)

    When Tim McLean’s killer was heard to mutter, “Please kill me”, in the courtroom, I’m pretty sure half of Canada wanted to know where to apply for the job. At the risk of offending the doves reading this, one good way to give the killer his wish might be to kick him in the pills until he stops breathing. Of course, the uber-liberals will win this one, and he’ll spend a few moments in an asylum, and released in not-too-distant future to do it again. Got to somehow stop THAT insanity. …and PETA? I’m sure the Tim McLean’s family will be thrilled to hear he’s been compared to a KFC chicken.

    France’s junk food tax is all part of the bigger picture surrounding the kidnapping of Henry Pascal by Ronald McDonald and Mayor McCheese.

    H&M obviously doesn’t stand for Humanity and Motherhood.

    Something happens to people – even well-meaning, honest people – who gain a position/seat in government. I believe it’s something akin to that penlight Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones (as agents Jay and Kay in Men In Black) use to erase memory. they all go to some kind of re-programming room, and emerge as the bobble-heads we see on our TVs.

  3. For once, I agree with every point made in your post, and in all the comments so far.
    See for more outrage over some idiots making hay over the Tim McLean tragedy.

    I’m hoping A-News (which is what my workplace will be known as, come Monday at 6pm) gets an interview with Messrs. Cheech and Chong. I want them to respond to the question “WTF?”. On the other hand, I’m hoping they bring some of their characters with them, like Sister Mary Elephant and Sgt. Studenko.

    McDonald’s: The fastest-acting laxative I’ve ever taken. “Nuff said.

  4. Jazz- You’re right, it’s probably something PETA cooked up for their next ad campaign.

    JB – I think I’m going to disagree with your rather harsh stance on killer dude. It’s not like he’s a Paul Bernardo or Clifford Olson or anything. This seemed like some sort of weird, spontaneous mind meltdown episode. As news trickles out it’s becoming apparant that he was a troubled guy who wouldn’t or couldn’t get the help he needed. He’s never been in any kind of police trouble before and he’s obviously as, if not more, horrified than the rest of us over what he’s done. I don’t know if the right meds will make him functional again or if he’s too far gone now, but I guess we’ll see. And we’ll hope they won’t let him loose again until they’re sure one way or another.

    CP – No, I ‘m sure they weren’t pretending to be high all the time. Obviously, they’re still high right now or they wouldn’t have come up with this hare-brained tour thing. I just assumed the actual prop they used in their act was fake . Maybe not. Do you suppose anyone is actually going to see them? Only die-hard pot heads would be interested, no? And wouldn’t they have better things to spend $50 on?

    Bob – Now I’m really scared. I may have to re-think my position on some of these issues. I’m obviously waaaaay off base.

  5. woah! that PETA ad is in such bad taste. Like it’s going to stop people from eating meat. Come on… if anything it will turn off a lot of people from that organization. What were they thinking?

    It’s so hard to avoid buying stuff made in China these days. Part of me in thorn about this. On the one hand, I prefer to support the local industry, on the other, the prices are not competitive here. Then I think taking jobs away from them… Complex issue.

    H&M has a lot to learn about public relations. Just have a look at their stores…

    I should ask my friends in Paris about the tax but I’m not sure she ever eats there.

    Cheech & Chong, who are they? oh the dudes I never really paid attention to? lol

  6. Well, I’m reticent to call you naive, XUP, but you’re certainly showing signs of uber-liberalism. What a great act, pretending you’re morose and want to be killed to get a little psyche time in order to re-appear in the world someday when some fool thinks you’re ‘cured’ just so you can do it all over again.
    The world has gone crazy with sensitivity toward murdering freaks, and the most insane person would be the one who lets this animal free.

  7. The china thing is ridiculous. one of my co-workers is really worked up about this Olympics. She’s boycotting. No watching, no listening, no reading about it. Nothing…

  8. Bandobras – I’m sure if you go through your milk crates of records you’ll find one or two featuring these dudes and a whole decade will come flooding back to you.

    UA – As long as people keep buying things made in sweatshops, they’re going to keep doing a booming business. With public pressure, a lot of companies have been forced to improve conditions in their overseas manufacturing plants and pay a fair wage to its workers. You may think one person isn’t going to make a difference, but a lot of individuals have already made a difference to things like the coffee industry, for instance.

    JB – I’m not sure I’ve ever been accused of being uber-liberal, but I do admit I like to give people the benefit of the doubt before advocating for the kicking to death of another human being — messed up as that human being may be. And, I don’t think anyone wants to see him go free, either. There are bound to be other options in between there somewhere.

    Noha – I can’t figure out why a country with such an atrocious track record for human rights was even allowed to bid to host the olympics. I just feel sorry for the athletes caught up in all this — people who have worked hard and sacrificed so much to get to this level.

    Bob – I think the games are completely avoidable if you make an effort.

    Alison – Oh hi — welcome back from wherever you’ve been. Thanks for the update. I wonder if these will start appearing regularly now, like Elvis sightings?

  9. You said, “I can’t figure out why a country with such an atrocious track record for human rights was even allowed to bid to host the olympics.”

    Yes, you can. You just don’t want to admit to yourself that the OAC is just as corrupt as any boxing commission has ever been. Greased palms. Kick Iraq out. No, wait, let them back in. The cheque cleared.

  10. Cheech & Chong? I mean, look at these guys….oh, come on. They’re cute…um, and I don’t think chong was pretending with those joints. Cheech maybe. Chong…nope!

    Will they be able to pull off a junk food tax increase of almost 15%? The extra tax money would go into the health care system. WIn-win, right??????….Well, this would be like putting in casinos and lottery video terminals, then using the proceeds to help fight gambling addiction. I am sure there is logic there somewhere.

  11. I’m going to assume JB means the IOC International Olympic committee but its not them per se that are corrupt. Turn your attention please to the list of major sponsors. Gm Coke Microsoft et al, who cannot find a way to more quickly sacrific enorth american jobs and send them to China. The mention of a boycott makes them wet their pants as they are all staking the next century’s profits an that great big untapped market place.
    Meanwhile the bought and paid for western governments can’t scream loud and fast enough that any boycott would be no use. The masters have spoken and it is now up to us to deliver the viewers and make it all worth while again.

  12. Do boycotts and rhetoric do any good? Rarely.
    And getting back to PETA, the organization is planning a protest at a circus performance in Ottawa tomorrow night. I intend to send an A-Channel camera there, and ask the organizers, in as many words, if they’re not farting into the wind. Circus tickets will be sold out. Similar PETA demonstrations around the world haven’t sent the circus industry to the endangered species list, have they?
    Time to use your brains and come up some other, less futile tactics.

    (This comment is not meant to choose sides on the animal cruelty issue. It just questions the usefulness or futility of such demonstrations.)

  13. Just when you think PETA might be the craziest bunch around a nice little christian church from the US comes to their rescue.

    Earlier this week, the Westboro Baptist Church – an organization branded as a hate group and infamous for protesting the funerals of slain U.S. soldiers – announced they would picket Mr. McLean’s funeral to let Canadians know that his decapitation was God’s response to Canadian policies enabling abortion, homosexuality and adultery.

  14. I heard on the news this morning that the PETA ad isn’t going to run.

    @bandobras – Another bunch of crazies! At least if there was any logic in their picket. I mean, unless McLean was an abortionist… Somehow I think that if there is a god, he/she/it has more important things to think about than Canadian laws.

  15. JB – Good point.

    UP – I think I did a whole post on the government and gambling thing once. I think the junk food tax is more like the cigarette tax. They warn us they’re bad for us and then they hike up the taxes so that even if less people buy the things, the government won’t lose out on revenue.

    Bandobras – What a nasty old world we live in sometimes.

    Bob – I think groups like PETA have managed to put animal circuses pretty much out of business — along with backyard zoos. There are very few of either left and the ones that do exist may sell out, but their audience capacity is also a lot lower than it used to be. I would never support an animal circus or a backyard zoo and I’m sure I’m not all alone in that. PETA type groups are directly responsible for bringing awareness to the public on the plight of these poor animals — so, not so futile at all (and just when we were starting to agree on stuff!!)

    Bandobras – I really didn’t want to give any more attention to these publicity seeking wackos. It has even been suggested that they’re not actually for real, but just trying to get a lot of press.

    Jazz – I guess PETA isn’t totally insane afterall. And as to those other freaks, I don’t even know why anyone has given them air time.

  16. Thanks for the link. Excellent column and so true. We have so much to be thankful for. I’ve sent it to a few friends.

  17. Yes I think the junk food tax is akin to the cigarette tax. Should not only be used to fund the health system but also local food growers to help bring the cost of organic veggies down.

    Panther: I know I could tell you this mano e mano but consider this my revenge for you IM’ing me when I’m 10 feet away; The government IS using proceeds from the casinos to help people with gambling problems. I think the best cure would be just to shut them down! The people who can afford to gamble can just fly to Vegas while the rest that can’t afford it but still do will have to fall back on strip poker!

  18. I hear you, XUP, and accept your stand, as much as I accept the answer the PETA member gave us at last night’s protest. She said that if they deter one person from going to the circus, then the seemingly futile protests are indeed worthwhile.
    I had to give her a “good answer” on that one.

  19. Cheech & Chong are also in the process of writing another movie. I think Cheech lost his credibility when he starred with Don Johnson in the CBS over-60 show “Nash Bridges.” Forget them, I want to see Andrew Dice Clay.

  20. UA – it WAS a good commentary, wasn’t it?

    UL – Ditto on the tax thing and HEY, stop hijacking my blog to canoodle with your woman

    Bob – Aim low! That’s my motto, too.

    Brad – Oh boy, another C&C movie. I guess they’ve spent all their money and can’t get any other jobs. I don’t want to see ADC.