Cocinero Delicioso

So, I’m leafing through the recent Ottawa Food Guide on the weekend and come across this:


Chef René Rodriguez, owner of the new Basque Restaurant, Navarra on Murray Street in Ottawa. As those who know me can attest, I’m usually pretty laid back, level-headed, cool and collected — stoic even. I tend not to get too excited about things, but holy flippin’ caramba! Muy caliente or what?

He used to be Chef de Cuisine at the Black Cat Café. Then Executive Chef at Luxe Bistro. He was on TV for a while, won awards, yadda yadda, yadda …the guy can cook.

See? Doesn’t he look sizzlingly competent?

The new restaurant has a patio, wine, food, and freakin’ incredibly happy servers.

I wonder why?

“Hi Rene, I need another heapin’ helpin’ of your Wood Roasted Piquillo Peppers.”

“Of course, I’ll work a double shift, Rene and don’t be silly; of course I don’t expect to be paid to work here.”

“I’m ready for my performance appraisal, Mr. Rodriguez.”

Okay, even though there isn’t a single vegetarian item on the menu, I’m anxious to go and try this place. Really anxious.  Don’t you think that if I speak to the chef, personally, he might throw together something spectacular I would enjoy?

So,  how about a Navarra field trip?


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  1. La Sorcière, mi madre, regularly asks to speak to chefs in high end restaurants in Montreal – she has never been refused a tour of la cocina… I agree with you, XUP, he is un hombre muy guapo, and I bet his chef’s shirt would look good on your bedroom floor~ You go girl!

  2. Something in the kitchen’s on fire, alright, but it’s NOT what’s in that frying pan. 😉 (FIVE STAR!) Sigh. I have always loved the Latin men myself. When I was in high school, if I guy didn’t haven’t Latin blood in him, I could not be bothered to look twice. (Long hair also didn’t hurt.) I think you should get yourself there immediately.

  3. Stella – Are you coming with on the field trip?

    Woodsy – I’ll definitely need you on the fleld trip for tips on being flirty and sultry

    Lesley – You come too. (I wonder if the Food Guide ad has brought in a lot of new business??)

  4. Holy eggplant! For a vegetarian, you sure are treating that dude like a piece of meat! Men have minds, too, y’know.

    By the way, I can cook, too. 😉

  5. Hailstorm of stereotyping here…

    Been there, done that. Quite literally. Beware of the smokin’ hot Latino chefs. They will fry your heart into a teensy shriveled black lump. The one dish they can’t cook properly.

  6. You are in Ottawa? Howdy neighbour! Holy sizzling chef, Batman! Navarra, Murray Street, got it! Good thing the Urbane Lion is a former reknowned Ottawa caterer and dedicated foodie. I might have an ‘in’ to meet the chef. If I do, I image you would like a dinner invite?

  7. Bob- not meat…art. Cooking is a definite asset for any bachelor boy.

    OTC – Oh ya – tell me about it! They look good, but are definitely the worst “significant other” material (as long as we’re stereotyping). All that hot latin passion can get very twisted and messy. Don’t worry, I’m not actually in the market for fiery latino dish — just appreciating the menu

  8. I thank whatever Superior Being might be pulling our strings every day, for blessing me with a French-Canadian Maman who took great joy in teaching her garcon plus-jeune how to cook!

  9. I can believe you entirely about regarding him as art. I believe this because I used to read Playboy just for the articles and interviews. It is so hard being misunderstood.

  10. Purrrr! He is pretty! I will definitely add Visit Ottawa to my list now…seeing you would be worth the trip, but possibly running into him? Priceless!

  11. UA – Yes, I’m in Ottawa. Didn’t you read the fine print? And yes, a dinner invite would be devine. Thank you.

    Bob – So, when are you hosting an Ottawa blogger dinner?

    Bandobras – Now you’re just being silly.

    Dr. Monkey – Well, it’s a darned good thing you know better then.

    Debra – I only posted this to lure you to Ottawa, being well aware of the limits of my drawing power. See you soon!!

  12. Holy… that guy is hot! I’m positive the place is doing well just because of him, and it doesn’t hurt that he dude can cook! lol Yummmmmm

  13. Violetsky – I’m sure this was just a photo-op. Taking pictures when the kitchen is in full run wouldn’t be a good idea I think.
    He probably wears a chef hat when he’s cooking and maybe a nice chef jacket. Let’s all take a moment to imagine what he’d be wearing while cooking in a hot, hot kitchen.

  14. please know that the food and service are outstanding at Navarra as are the morals of the staff! I highly recommend visiting Murray Street, best patio and high end pub fare in Ottawa.

  15. Sydney – I have doubt — in fact I have heard only very good things from people who have visited the restaurant since this blog post!

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