Cocinero Delicioso

So, I’m leafing through the recent Ottawa Food Guide on the weekend and come across this:


Chef René Rodriguez, owner of the new Basque Restaurant, Navarra on Murray Street in Ottawa. As those who know me can attest, I’m usually pretty laid back, level-headed, cool and collected — stoic even. I tend not to get too excited about things, but holy flippin’ caramba! Muy caliente or what?

He used to be Chef de Cuisine at the Black Cat Café. Then Executive Chef at Luxe Bistro. He was on TV for a while, won awards, yadda yadda, yadda …the guy can cook.

See? Doesn’t he look sizzlingly competent?

The new restaurant has a patio, wine, food, and freakin’ incredibly happy servers.

I wonder why?

“Hi Rene, I need another heapin’ helpin’ of your Wood Roasted Piquillo Peppers.”

“Of course, I’ll work a double shift, Rene and don’t be silly; of course I don’t expect to be paid to work here.”

“I’m ready for my performance appraisal, Mr. Rodriguez.”

Okay, even though there isn’t a single vegetarian item on the menu, I’m anxious to go and try this place. Really anxious.  Don’t you think that if I speak to the chef, personally, he might throw together something spectacular I would enjoy?

So,  how about a Navarra field trip?