3 things I’m not doing this weekend

1.  Lining up overnight for a chance to buy one an iPhone. I’m excited that things like iPhones exist and I’d like to get one, but I wouldn’t camp out in front of Rogers overnight, pay over $300 for one (plus $100+ monthly fees) and/or pay someone $250 to get in line ahead of him. Then of course, the iTunes network was overwhelmed with demand and froze and one was able to get their phone activated for ages.

2.  Complaining about the noise from Bluesfest.  I might have if I was living close enough to be blasted by weird bass noises 11 nights in a row. I don’t think any of the neighbours would mind a little bluesy music for a few nights, but I understand those in the surrounding area just get a lot of leftover noise. Along with rejigging the sound systems and maybe turning down the volume a bit, some interesting suggestions included giving everyone affected free passes to Bluesfest every year and locating the concerts in different parts of the city on different nights.  Though I’m sure that latter suggestion would be a logistical nightmare, it would spread the racket joy around a bit. And, it would be a boon to various neighbourhoods to each host an evening or two.

3.  Coming up with true-life stories which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt why Morgentaler should not get the Order of Canada. The letters keep coming telling sad tales of amazing people that would not exist today if their mothers had aborted them; of lives ruined by Dr. Morgentaler; of women valiantly risking and giving up their lives to reproduce.

Too bad all the people whose lives Morgentaler has saved and the many women who he has rescued from despair aren’t obsessed enough with other people’s business to wage a campaign.

Dr. Morgentaler is a pioneer of whom this country is rightfully proud. He has been fighting for women’s right to choose for most of his life – fighting the medical community, the law, government and the public. He’s been unwaveringly outspoken on the issue, risking his own life, profession and personal freedom for this issue in which he believes in so deeply.


11 responses to “3 things I’m not doing this weekend

  1. I am so with you on #1 – not even for such a sexy device would I give up so much of my time or money. Especially the money part.

    And as for #2, I’ve never been to Bluesfest, but comparing it to the Beaches Jazz Festival I could understand. At least that one is only for four days, so easily escapable. I used to love the Jazz fest but cannot stand the crowds now. But also would not like to see it moved away from the neighbourhood and the street. I do think a festival like those should perhaps be tried WITHOUT amplifiers. Just once. I bet it could be a success. You’d certainly hear each band better instead of the loud distorted noise you often get now. I have friends who live in Edinburgh – now there is a city of festivals! For the whole month of August, at least 30 are going on. It’s not just the Fringe as I discovered on my one and only visit during August! My friends make a killing on renting out their apartment and disappear to a smaller town near enough to come back to get their place ready for the next lot of tourists.

    And #3. I agree totally. Was wondering where those women’s voices were. Of course it’s only when you disagree with something that you feel so compelled to disagree so loudly. Speak up, those women whose lives were saved from the coat hanger.

    There. My rant is done. That’s 2 of my planned posts already taken care of. Damn. Should limit my verbiage.

  2. I live one block from the Ex, so I understand noise and annoyance. Noon – 11, I get concerts, screaming, rides (the train with the realistic horn every 3 minutes! argggh). This year, I am dealing by just leaving town for those 11 days. Please let the Ex move to Albion

  3. I know a woman who way back in the good old days,1967, felt she had to resort to a back street abortion. The kind the anti Morgentaler people find so appealing. Unfortunately she got infected and consequently sterile.
    She was and is all in favor of women having the option of a legal hospital or clinic abortion but is not now or ever going to come forward with what is for her a very private and painful story. I imagine there are thousands if not millions like her.
    The GG has done a courageous and long overdue thing.

    As for the Iphone/pod/web browser/camera/calendar/ ? In my old age I’m sure I couldn’t carry that much stuff with me I’s have to hire a sherpa and that isn’t included in the service contract.

  4. Violetsky – I wasn’t suggesting all those women come speak out for Morgentaler. They have nothing to prove and there’s no need for them to share their stories. Morgentaler is going to get his OOC. I was only saying that the not-so-silent minority drag out all these “pro-life” sob stories to show how misguided giving grown women options over their own body is, and I wondered if they were aware of all the pro-choice stories that could be told of lives saved.

    Chris – Ya, it’s too bad not everyone can leave town and/or rent out their places to tourists for tons of money. Of course when you moved to your house, the Ex was already there – most of the Bluesfest neighbours were there long before Bluesfest.

    Bandobras – Absolutely – like I mentioned above, we’re not looking for a debate on abortion – that ship has sailed long ago. I don’t even know why they keep printing those letters that just keep repeating the same, tired old non-arguments.

  5. No iPhone for me either. I have internet at work, at home, don’t need it while I chat on the phone. My little LG is sufficient right now.

    IMO, the Beach Jazz Festival has grown into, well, another silly excuse to make money, there is so much music that has nothing to do with Jazz. It used to be nice but now it’s just a huge party with music playing against one another. I am doing a 5K race on the Sunday morning, I wonder how many people with a hangover will be watching us? lol The only thing that usually affect me is the racing weekend, the fumes can be quite bad.

    As for the letters being continually published, well, it sells papers doesn’t it? I think it’s fantastic he’s getting OOC, he deserves it for helping women when nobody cared enough about them to treat them like human beings.

  6. Yeah, I was feeling a little too hyper with being overtired. That comment now looks crass. Sorry.
    I don’t really think these women should have to come forward and defend Dr M or prove anything. Such a decision is personal and private and should not involve anyone else, especially strangers. I also think many of the negative comments should be private andkept to yourself. I really hate to see the media help stoke the fires of this ‘debate’.

  7. Dr Morgentaler is hardly a pioneer, unless you look at it from a capitalist standpoint then by all means say so. He did it for the money, not woman’s rights. The guy has a hatred for those unwanted kids as he is a holocaust survivor and purports that unwanted or unloved kids grow up to be criminals. It obviously scarred him in some way and he is now taking out his own holocaust on those without voices. Its a shame people look up to him as a hero.

  8. UA – The Bluesfest has attracted some amazing artists – I have nothing at all against the festival, but I do feel for the people whose lives are totally disrupted for almost 2 weeks. Not sleeping properly for that long can be very aggravating, not to mention detrimental to your health. I’m just saying maybe there’s a solution.

    Violetsky – Yes, the media seems to be loving all the crazies and their “baby-killer” propaganda.

    Seven star – Riiiiiigggghhhhht! Ha ha. Great lampoon of the aforementioned crazy fundamentalist conspiracy theorists. In fact, your whole blog is one sarcastically phenomenal parody of right-wing whack-jobbery.

  9. Personally I’m really happy Morgentaler is getting the order of Canada. His crusade to make abortion legal and safe has saved many lives.

    Granted, maybe these women might have been canonized by the Catholic church, but weighing in between sainthood and being alive, I’ll go for alive any day.

    Besides, Conrad Black got it, and he’s a convicted criminal… I fail to see how Moregntaler could be any worse.

  10. XUP, I laugh at your right wing jab towards me as I am far from the right thanks. Conspiracy theory eh, i laugh at that assumption to, considering the great morgentaler made a killing off of killing. Capitalism at its best. I am so sure he did it for humanity’s sake ha. I find it interesting that the hero to feminists is in fact a man.

    What i also find interesting is how the so called choice is given to a woman to take the life of another who didn’t have a choice.

    And for all those who proclaim most abortions were done in back alleys, its a fallacy, considering most people providing the abortions were trained medical doctors anyhow. The only thing he did was bring it to the main street and made a huge profit doing so. Go ahead, idolize a man who duped you into believing he did it for your rights.

  11. Jazz- Ya! Quite a few unsavory characters have gotten it. I don’t know why some people are so bent out of shape about this one.

    seven star – Well, as long as we’re both enjoying a good laugh, that’s the main thing.