If you’re any kind of Joe Cocker fan and/or you want to have a laugh at his expense, go over to Dee’s blog for a heeeee-lariously enhanced video of With a Little Help from My Friends.


3 things I’m not doing this weekend

1.  Lining up overnight for a chance to buy one an iPhone. I’m excited that things like iPhones exist and I’d like to get one, but I wouldn’t camp out in front of Rogers overnight, pay over $300 for one (plus $100+ monthly fees) and/or pay someone $250 to get in line ahead of him. Then of course, the iTunes network was overwhelmed with demand and froze and one was able to get their phone activated for ages.

2.  Complaining about the noise from Bluesfest.  I might have if I was living close enough to be blasted by weird bass noises 11 nights in a row. I don’t think any of the neighbours would mind a little bluesy music for a few nights, but I understand those in the surrounding area just get a lot of leftover noise. Along with rejigging the sound systems and maybe turning down the volume a bit, some interesting suggestions included giving everyone affected free passes to Bluesfest every year and locating the concerts in different parts of the city on different nights.  Though I’m sure that latter suggestion would be a logistical nightmare, it would spread the racket joy around a bit. And, it would be a boon to various neighbourhoods to each host an evening or two.

3.  Coming up with true-life stories which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt why Morgentaler should not get the Order of Canada. The letters keep coming telling sad tales of amazing people that would not exist today if their mothers had aborted them; of lives ruined by Dr. Morgentaler; of women valiantly risking and giving up their lives to reproduce.

Too bad all the people whose lives Morgentaler has saved and the many women who he has rescued from despair aren’t obsessed enough with other people’s business to wage a campaign.

Dr. Morgentaler is a pioneer of whom this country is rightfully proud. He has been fighting for women’s right to choose for most of his life – fighting the medical community, the law, government and the public. He’s been unwaveringly outspoken on the issue, risking his own life, profession and personal freedom for this issue in which he believes in so deeply.