Elusive Gargoyle

A few weeks ago I won this fabulous contest on Brad Brown’s Blog. As you can imagine I was very excited to have won this fabulous contest and have my choice of one of Brad’s fabulous gargoyles  — I picked the middle one.

A few days later I received an email from Brad Brown himself telling me that my fabulous gargoyle was on its way via courier.

Brad Brown experienced a few hiccups on his way to the courier office which delayed shipment, but that’s okay because Brad Brown lives a very hectic and colourful life and I was happy just to be chosen.

The fabulous day finally arrived. I received another email from Brad Brown informing me that the gargoyle was actually and truly on its way.

I waited. And waited. And then I had to go out of town for a few days.

While I was away, the courier guy had been to my home twice and left me yellow sticky notes advising me that I had only one more chance to receive my fabulous package and then it would be returned to sender.

The yellow sticky notes further advised that there was no way of scheduling the courier for a convenient time and that if I wanted to pick up my fabulous package at the courier office, arrangements would have to be made in advance. I was by no means to simply show up at the office expecting to take possession of my fabulous package.

I frantically tried to call the courier office, at various numbers, but was always sent back to the same old voicemail that gave no options for leaving a message or to talk to a human being.

So, I left a note on one of the yellow stickies begging courier guy to leave the package with a neighbour – a neighbour who told me she’d be home all day.

I came home that night to find the dreaded, FINAL, yellow sticky telling me that my fabulous package was now wending its way back to Bohunk, Alabama[1] and I was basically s.o.l.

The final yellow sticky further claimed my neighbour had not been home. My neighour swore on a stack of yellow stickies that she’d been home all day.

 Oh well. I have resigned myself to a gargoyless  life. I had a whole fabulous blog planned, too, showcasing me and the gargoyle having a laugh riot of fun at various Ottawa hotspots. I’ve tried drinking heavily to try to forget what might have been, but it didn’t agree with me.

If there is anything good to be salvaged from this whole sorry episode, let it be me introducing you all to the fabulous Brad Brown.  He has an entertaining and creative blog – perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but then I don’t imagine Brad Brown aspires to being a cup of tea anyway.

[1]  Not Brad Brown’s real address, but close.