A Critical Glitch

If you don’t live in Ottawa (and even if you do) you probably didn’t see this story on the weekend about 57-year-old Ottawa man, Robert Randall.  It’s a pretty common story and one that doesn’t seem to get anyone too excited. People seem to get a lot more excited about a mayor getting married, (again) or whether the noise levels at Bluesfest are too high.

But, I guess they have to report stuff like when Robert Randall of Barrhaven gets sentenced for sexually abusing a 5-year-old girl who was being looked after in his wife’s home daycare.

It has taken 2 years to sentence this guy and his sentence is — are you sitting down? —  NINETY DAYS. To be served on weekends.  So he can keep working at his job with Statistics Canada.

Robert Randall is the only breadwinner in the family now that the wife’s daycare is down the toilet, so I guess it’s real nice that he doesn’t have to worry about losing any pay, benefits or pensionable time.

It must be kind of weird, though having to work next to the guy. Oh, he was very sorry and explained that he lost his wife’s trust for a while there. And, he told the victim’s family he hoped that, “as time goes by, your lives will get on track and that one day you will understand what happened.” (Huh?)

The victim’s family was a bit disappointed at the sentence Robert Randall received. Of course, no amount of prison or therapy is going to change how Robert Randall is wired. If his sexual attraction was for anything that involved activities with inanimate objects and/or consenting adults, we’d say, “whatever – go for it!”

But, pedophiles prey on vulnerable children. They do untold and lasting damage to young lives. They’re lowest of the low – even in the criminal community.

Sexual desire is a probably one of our most powerful motivators. People do a lot of wonderful and horrible things driven by sexual desire. It’s easy to stand back and say, too bad pedophiles are oriented sexually toward children; they need to suppress that because it’s immoral and illegal.

Maybe not so easy to achieve.

And there’s no help; no answer. No one seems to know exactly what to do with pedophiles. Sentences like Robert Randall’s don’t send much of a message.

To convolute the message even more, society as a whole sexualizes children all the time from how we dress them to how they’re portrayed on TV and movies.