A Quiescently Frozen Confection**

So, yesterday I was in the cafeteria at work, leaning on one of the fridges waiting for a co-worker to load up her plate. Being the restless sort, I thought to myself, “I wonder what’s in this fridge?”

I had a look. Turns out it was actually an ice cream freezer, chocked full of ice cream bars. I don’t like ice cream, so that didn’t excite me much, but then I saw a few Popsicles tucked away in the corner and I thought to myself, “Gee, I haven’t had a Popsicle in ages. I wonder if they have chocolate.”

Yes, they did, by jiminy. So I dug around in my bag and scraped up some change. The last time I had a Popsicle it was 20 cents. I expected it would be a bit more by now. “But”, I thought to myself, “how much could the price of frozen sugar-water on a stick have risen?”


Turns out it has risen by 50 cents. Yes! I paid 70 cents for a Popsicle. There isn’t even one cent worth of ingredients in a Popsicle. Maybe it’s softwood lumber used in the stick or the petroleum products used to produce the colourful lable that’s jacked up the price?


Anyway, it was only about half the size of the 20 cent Popsicle I had a few years ago. I don’t think you should be able to fit an entire Popsicle in your mouth at one time. That’s always been one of my general rules of thumb, anyhow.

And it didn’t taste very good.


** The original advertising slogan for Popsicle


13 responses to “A Quiescently Frozen Confection**

  1. I didn’t even know chocolate popsicles were an option. I’ve only seen the fruit flavored ones…banana is my favorite.

    Yes, 70 cents is a lot for frozen water on a stick. You were definitely paying for the ‘convenience’ because it sounds like it certainly had nothing to do with the ingredients or quality.

  2. Jazz – Popsicle: totally not worth it. I only ate half. Ice cream always makes me feel ill, but they have some good soy substitutes that I have once in a while.

    UA – I, too, was completely shocked. I wonder how much penny candy is these days?

    Debra – Chocolate popsicles used to be a choco-licious frozen treat. I detected no chocolate-like flavour in the one I had yesterday. Banana is my second favorite and then the 3 coloured ones. But, I’m afraid to try any more now and I don’t like any of the other flavours. And, I have no idea what I was paying for exactly. The memory of a popsicle, perhaps?

  3. I’m pretty sure that “You shouldn’t be able to fit the whole thing in your mouth at once” should NEVER actually be called a ‘rule of thumb’
    …but I feel I may be digressing to a degree from which I may not be able to save myself.
    In any case, I’m sure the ‘flavoured frozen water people’ would tell you that it’s to make up their transportation costs. If you feel the need for flavoured frozen water, you could try making your own for a lot less. Some appropriately flavoured drink crystals mixed with water in your freezer would probably work out a lot cheaper, especially if you walked to the grocery store. You could even whittle your own popsicle sticks if there were the necessary flora growing nearby.

  4. Anon (JB) took the words right off of my thumb, I mean right out of my mouth.

    Right on JB with the transportation costs,
    -but this also includes and/or influences profits saved
    -by charging more
    -by reducing the amount served
    -which effects the reduction of the food cost profit margin along with the bottom line.

    If I had my druthers it would be a drum stick.
    How many fingers and thumb you reckin I’m gonna need to hold it?

  5. JB- Ah, what a convoluted assembly of rules of body parts we’ve digressed ourselves into. But, yes of course I can make delectable frozen treats at home with real fruit juice and flavoured tofu and other stuff, but I happened to be there, right next to the Popsicles and it seemed like the thing to do at the time. Totally an impulse purchase. That’ll learn me!

    Hunter – Thank you for taking your thumb out of your mouth before commenting. From now on I eat only locally grown popsicles and hopefully save all those transportation costs — lower carbon footprint…100 mile diet and all that.

  6. I used to like the orange Popsicles with cream centers… I remember being thrilled one day when they had a promotion – 2 for 15cents! These days, as you mentioned XUP, they too are smaller then I remember (maybe our mouths grew) and they just don’t taste as good (maybe we have more developed taste buds now)…

  7. I’m ALWAYS disappointed by popsicles… Now, Ice cream sandwiches, even if you don’t like ice cream? These are usually worth it. Of course, with my allergies I always get sick after having them.

  8. Woodsy – Oh yes – Creamsicles! It’s very kind of you, I’m sure, to try and find pleasant explanations for Creamsicle shrinkage and tastelessness, but I’m not convinced.

    Noha – Those things are worth getting sick over? They always tasted sort of plasticky to me.

  9. When I was pregnant with my first I had an ocd like dependance on banana and chocolate popsicles. 3 a day – chocolate, banana, then a chocolate, in that order sometime between 4 and 6pm every day in feb, march, and april 1993.

    There was an ice cream shop just below my midwife’s offfice, but I was loyal to my popsicles.

    My corner store actually planned on giving me a case for free when I went into labour. Well imagine my HORROR when the store burnt down on April 15th 1993!

    I’m sure the shock sent me into labour. My son was born at dawn on the 16th. Now I make something much yummier, frozen banana chunks dipped in homemade chocolate sauce then frozen again.

  10. Mudmama – I just snarfed down barrels of apples when I was pregnant. Fruit dipped in chocolate and frozen sounds good. Do you just spread them out on wax paper or something and put them in the freezer or are they on sticks?