Where Are They Now?

Do you ever wonder what happened to celebrities or people in the news that you barely cared about at the time?

 John Wayne Bobbitt

Remember… the guy who got his little bobbitt hacked off by his wife? He tried to cash in on his fame by being a stand up comic, a greeter at a brothel and a carnival sideshow freak, but didn’t have much success. He has also appeared on Howard Stern and some Porno movies. Basically, he is a low-life drifter and has been in and out of jail.

Divine Brown

The hooker Hugh Grant picked up. She made $1.6 million from the fame resulting from that little encounter by selling her story to TV and the tabloid.  Of course she pissed all the money away and is back working on the same street

The Singing Nun

Sister Luc-Gabrielle (Jeanne Deckers) became an international star in 1964 with her #1 hit record Dominique. She left the convent in the late 1960s and international famedom to pursue a new life as a singer and artist along with her lover, Annie Pescher.  They weren’t very successful and went broke and committed suicide together.

Brandon Cruz

Tiny child star from everyone’s favorite 1960s TV sitcom, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. He was lead singer for Dr. Know for a while and in 2003 became the lead singer for the punk rock band, Dead Kennedys.  At last word, Brandon was doing technical work at a Los Angeles post-production studio

Peggy Lipton

Hot Mod Squad Peggy married music mogul Quincy Jones and devoted herself to their growing family. The couple had two daughters: Kidada Jones, a fashion stylist, and the actress, Rashida Jones (The Office). Later she was in Twin Peaks.

Somewhere along the line, Peggy also dated: Paul McCartney, Sammy Davis, Jr.,
Elvis Presley, Keith Moon, Terence Stamp and his brother Christopher Stamp.


10 responses to “Where Are They Now?

  1. Well, that’s not exactly the whole story on Jeanne Deckers.
    After leaving the convent in the late 60’s, critical
    of the conservatism of the Roman Catholic church
    and having become an advocate for birth control,
    she faded into obscurity, and opened a school for
    autistic children in Belgium with Annie Pescher.
    By the early 80’s, the Belgian government began
    claiming that she owed back taxes of more than $47,000.
    SHE claimed that the money was given to the convent,
    and therefore exempt from taxes. In 1983, not in an attempt for stardom, but to try to raise money the government claimed she owed, she released an updated
    electronic version of ‘Dominique’, but it failed to sell.
    She and Pescher both committed suicide in 1985.
    In their suicide note, they wrote, “We hope God will welcome us. He saw us suffer.”
    Belgium’s Catholic authorities granted their wish to be buried in consecrated ground. Only a handful of friends
    and family members were on hand to mourn.

  2. Bill Bixby died of prostate cancer in November, 1993 at the age of 59. Coincidentally, while channel surfing on Saturday night, I surfed through a “Whatever became of…?” segment of Entertainment Tonight or one of those lame shows profiling Bill Bixby, obviously in connection with the Hulk movie that’s now out.

    Never mind what happened to Bill Bixby: What about the actress who played Mrs. Livingstone, the maid for Eddie and his dad?

    And on a somewhat connected note, get ready to read an obituary dealing with the death of Mike Myers’s career. Despite the excessive hype surrounding The Love Guru, I have yet to spot anything that makes me want to see even a single frame of that movie. Yep, methinks Mike’s career has jumped the shark, much like Dana Carvey’s did with that ultimate stinker, Master of Disguise.
    The Love Guru looks like a lame attempt to mix a bit of Wayne Campbell with a dash of Austin Powers. The end result is an unfunny guru involved with the Toronto Maple Leafs. When the buzzer on the oven goes off, you’ll find out that it flopped miserably.

    How sad.

  3. Hunter – glad you enjoyed it

    Heidilou – Everyone seems interested in the singing nun for some reason. That song used to drive me crazy.

    Zoom – Wasn’t that a cute show? Bill Bixby went on to become the Incredible Hulk — I guess something weird happens to parents when their kids become teenagers. (see Bob’s account of Bill’s demise)

    JB – Thanks for the full story. I did read that, but opted for the short version for the blog. It’s definitely a sad story like a lot of stories involving religion tend to be.

    Bob- Thanks for the update on Bill Bixby. And yes, I have no idea what Mike Meyers was thinking. For the longest time, I thought this Love Guru thing was some sort of spoof/joke movie trailer. Turns out it’s real. Maybe it will become a cult favorite of worst movies ever.

  4. BTW, I hope you don’t judge Howard Stern purely on the fact that he interivewed John Wayne Bobbitt years ago. He’s a great interviewer, and he’s interviewed some more high-profile people in recent years. In fact, just last week he interviewed Carly Simon, along with her son, Ben.

    He’s a great interviewer. He asked them questions nobody else would have dared ask, and he got them to answer!


    I’m a huge Howard fan. He kept me entertained for 25 years of a 1-hour plus commute every morning. Even though my commute is now only 15 minutes each way, I still have Sirius satellite radio in my car, and I subscribe to Howard TV.

    I am in a mixed marriage. My husband hates Howard. I watch Howard TV on the nights when my husband goes out to his photography classes.

  5. What a great post! I have often wondered whatever happened to Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Or how about Suzette Charles. I’ll bet no one remember who she is. 🙂

  6. Heidilou – Well, I guess you’re not the only fan since he’s still on the air.

    Josie – I looked up Suzette and no, I didn’t remember her. Apparantly, she finished out her Miss America term and moved on to a successful singing career performing with Stevie Wonder & Lou Rawls among others and acting in soaps. Then she married a doctor, had 2 kids and lives in New York as a soccer mom or something.

  7. The woman who played the maid on courtship of Eddies Father. Her role name was Mrs. Livingston, and her real name was Miyoshi Umeku. Her husband and her adopted a son. I don’t know what year she died 2000 something. She died in a nursing home in Licking Missouri. My niece was working there at the time and she said Miyoshi Umeku’s son forbid any of the staff to mention anything to Miyoshi Umeku about the days she played on the show.