Pitching Woo

From behind me I hear the sound of a slow-moving construction vehicle chugging down the empty, early-morning street.

 Honk Honk

I glance to the right and see a beat-up old front-end loader moving up along side me. A cheerful old man sits hunched over the big steering wheel.  He waves and smiles.  He looks to be at least in late 80s or early 90s.

I briefly wonder what such an old dude is doing in a front-end loader at 6:15 in the morning.

 “Where ya goin’ this early in the morning, dollface?” he shouts in a thin, reedy voice.

 “Work,” I yell back.

 I keep walking. He keeps pace with me.

 “Swell day,” he says.

 “Sure is,” I answer.

 “You hitched up or anything?” he asks.

 “Yup, “I lie.

 “Ah well shucks,” he says. And then after a pause, “I’m a widower twice over,” he adds proudly.

 “That’s too bad,” I sympathize.

 I keep walking.  He keeps chugging alongside me in his frontend loader.

 “Ya, they couldn’t keep up with me!” he shouts and gives a wheezy laugh.  “Well, I gotta get a wiggle on.” he says giving a little salute and a little wiggle.  See ya next time!” he adds and steps on the gas, roaring ever so slowly off into the horizon.

 I went to work feeling like a Hotsie Totsie.


16 responses to “Pitching Woo

  1. I do believe it’s the intense body language you’re emanating when you’re out there. No doubt Mr. Mesmer would be proud.

  2. Feels good to know you still got it goin’ on, eh, Zoop? — Especially at such an ungodly hour.

    Find out if Geezer Guy owns the front end loader. He could use it to move his piles of money around, y’know.

    You GO, Girl!

  3. Jazz – Thank you, I was hoping someone would say that.

    Aggie – I’ll have to be more conscious of keeping my geriatric-drawing mojo under wraps in future.

    JB – Again with the intense body language… that come-hither-all-ye-ancient-frontend-loader-guys hip swivel, I guess??

    Bob – That’s the only explanation. No one hires 90-year-olds on construction sites, do they? I figured he must have stolen it and was going for a joy ride? I waited all day to hear about it on the news. Any inside info?

  4. Hotsie Totsie! You betcha!

    I like his sayin “got to get a wiggle on”… never heard that before!

    Now that I am sure has more than one meaning! lol;)!

  5. I can’t believe after all we’ve meant to each other, that you are out there in Ottawa cruising for heavy equipment operators. I’m so hurt.

  6. Oh XUP, You didn’t flirt back! Next time, don’t think old geezer. Think sweet, experienced, and lovely older gentleman who has taken the time to appreciate your looks… and give him a little something back, ok?

  7. Em – I saw him first!

    Hunter – Ya, I wonder where that come from.

    Bandobras – What can I say? Move on, guy who doesn’t drive heavy equipment.

    Woodsy – You’re right. But in my defense it was really early in the morning and I was really confused about what exactly was going on. I’m not as aware as you of these opportunites. Will you mentor me? Please?

  8. Hey, hotsie totsie, you rock! Being flirted on first thing in the morning? Never happens to me! but hang on, I walk with my headphones plugged in my ears, maybe that’s why? lol

  9. Kimberly – I’m pretty sure the old boy’s heart was tough as old shoe leather the way he gleefully told me about his dead wives.