Robert et Roget

The other day, Big Bob tagged me for the lamest meme ever. I’m supposed pick up the closest book I have to hand; turn to page 123 and copy out the 6th, 7th and 8th sentence. I’m not sure I understand the point of it, but, I don’t want to be called a bad sport.


There are many books where I am sitting now, all within approximately the same range.  I shall pick the one that catches my eye….


Aha! An old Penguin Classic, looking deep and meaningful with its orange, black and white cover.  It’s a bit tattered. The pages are yellowed and there are pencil notations in the margin — Robert et Roget by J. Moquerie.  It’s in French, but I can do a loose translation. (Coincidently, it only has 123 pages and the 6th, 7th and 8th sentences are almost the end of the book, so I’ll take the liberty of carrying on to the end).


“Oh, Bob! Bob!” groaned Roget, and as his breathing slowed, he slowly raised his tanned, muscular body, glistening with aromatic oils, from the make-shift massage table.


 “No one can work the agonizing tension from my tight, lithe extremities like you can my special friend,” whispered Roget, pressing a crisp new twenty dollar bill into Bob’s hands, allowing his grasp to linger.


Bob quivered with equal amounts of shame and desire under Roget’s piercing gaze and gentle, yet firmly insisting touch.  Reluctantly, Bob reclaimed his hand and hurriedly tucked the money into the front pocket of his tiny shorts.


“I wish you would allow me to do something for you,” murmured Roget, his dark, penetrating eyes staring hungrily at Bob’s pocket as if seeing right through the thin, flexible fabric of the Bob’s shorts to the twenty dollar bill resting snugly against Bob’s moist, rigid thigh.

12 responses to “Robert et Roget

  1. Sorry for tagging you. You’re right, it is lame, and I got sucked in.
    No more participating in tagging for me. Next thing you know, I’ll be sending chain e-mails that if you don’t forward, the sky will fall down around your head along with fire and brimstone.
    I also refuse to poke or accept a poke on facebook.

    Have a great day, XUP. Stay cool in the heat and humidity.

  2. Sherpa Joe – WTF? I thought you were off exploring volcanos or something.

    Bob – No, really, it was fun. Some memes are kind of interesting because they make you write stuff about yourself that others might find mildly interesting. This one was just kind of odd. You be cool, too and stay away from all those pokes.

  3. Wow I don’t remember any of the english penguin classics being that hot. Perhaps I’ll have to learn a new language in my old age

  4. I agree…the usual book meme is pretty boring and pointless.

    But, this one, dear? Meow.

    Now, what are Bob’s plans for that warm, rigid $20 bill in his pocket? He should put it in Roget’s back pocket.

  5. Dave – Yes indeedy. There might not have been so much skipping of English class if the teachers had chosen their penguins a bit more carefully.

    JB – I think “affair” is a bit strong. Poor Bob’s just trying to make a living and meet some new people, I think.

    Woodsy – High praise indeed, coming from you.

    OTC – Who knows? Maybe there’s a sequel?

    Andrea – Ummm, sure…why not.. ’cause I have the book… so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to borrow it, right…like, it’s not like there is no such book or anything… so… remind me…

  6. What’s with wordpress these days, it seems everyone is moving over…

    I’ve done that meme before too, but I really don’t see the point of it…

  7. Jazz – I guess everyone is fed up with google and ready for the dynamic new world of wordpress. (PS: it’s a super secret penguin)