I saw this photo in today’s Books section of the paper and thought it was beautiful. Whatever you may think of Germaine Greer’s politics, this is a gorgeous face. Her skin is wrinkled and sagging, she has dark circles and bags under her eyes, her hair is white and uncoiffed, she had wattles under her chin. She wears corrective lenses and probably is carrying a couple of extra pounds. But, isn’t this a mature, intelligent, interesting natural face? Isn’t she, at 70 so much more stunning than some other celebs around the same age who have put a lot of money into looking not aged?


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  1. Germaine Greer was one of the idols of my youth ..her philosophy was before its time and although time has caught up to her as it does with all of us , her beauty shines through .
    Priscilla scares me and when did Cher go blonde ??

  2. CC, couldn’t agree more…and I don’t know if you’re familiar with what Emmylou Harris looks like these days, but I feel the same way about her. Beauty without grace has become all too common.

  3. I’m right with you. Silver hair can be utterly distinguished and glamorous. The lines of intelligence and experience are worth keeping.

  4. Hear here! My hat’s off to any woman (or man — have you seen Kenny Rogers lately? *shudder*) who ages gracefully.

    Joan Rivers is a freak whose face looks like it’s going to snap like an overstretched rubber band.

  5. Those plastic women are scary looking, aren’t they? Where Ms. Greer looks interesting and someone I would want to spend time getting to know, those other women just look shallow and vain. And there is nothing interesting about that.

  6. Ma- Cher changes hair/features/boyfriends frequently & I agree about Germaine Greer

    JB – I looked up Emmylou. When you see 60+ women without a wrinkle or a sag you kinda always feel like maybe you haven’t been living right

    Stella – thanks for visiting. I reckon we work too hard for those lines to have them tucked away so that we all end up looking the same after 60.

    Bob – YES – the guys are at it, too. Mickey Rourke, Burt Reynolds — everybody. The crazy thing is that most of these people were really good looking when they were young, so there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t have been good looking as older people. Now they just look freaky.

    Debra – Exactly! who wants to hang out with someone who can’t smile, laugh, cry, yell, or frown?

  7. this is a very powerful post – it really really is. it is so easy to laugh at these victims of plastic surgery, but it is oh so sad to think that society actually thinks that they look better this way.

  8. I think the same social mindset that begets eating disorders drives people to live up to some unrealistic ideal. – with the same disastrous results. The sad thing is that no one actually does think these surgically enhanced beings look good. And it’s not just older celebs, or even just celebs – 16 year old girls are asking for, and getting, breast augmentations for their birthdays! It all seems to be part of North American’s obsession with conquering nature at all costs. Nature is rough and inconsistent. Man-made everything, from food to humans nice and uniform and manageable.

  9. Germaine Greer is absolutely beautiful.

    As for the celebs, they look like freaks. Presley… oh god, what a bad face job! And Joan Rivers… *shudder*

  10. Great post! And so true. I can’t stand someone who tries so much NOT to age, it usually has the opposite effect, goodness Priscilla looks postively hideous!

    I’m hoping “our” generation will teach the new one that aging is part of a natural process and doesn’t have to be stopped at all cost!

  11. Jazz – it’s so sad. Priscilla was so beautiful & I’m sure would still be if she hadn’t abused herself like this.

    HD – I don’t have as much hope for our generation as you do..we’re the ones who started this whole cosmetic surgery craze.