This is Not a Cat Blog

This post is going to seem like I’ve jumped on the kitty-blogging bandwagon, but I haven’t. This post is really about laundry and only incidentally about cats.

After I finished doing laundry yesterday (see?), there was enough cat fur in the lint trap to make a small kitten (photo not available). I’d washed a lot of rugs and blankets and stuff the cat hangs around, but still.

It’s spring, so critters are shedding their winter fur (or long underwear in the case of Zoom’s giant feline). Bazel (my cat) has also been doing a lot of wretching the last week or so, but since I very cleverly give him regular doses of furball dissolver, he hasn’t hacked up anything too disgusting.

Nevertheless, I figured I’d better start brushing him. Cats love it, they tell me. They don’t know Bazel. Bazel doesn’t love anything that involves touching him – no petting, no stroking, no cuddling. As far as he’s concerned, I only exist to feed him and to give him nice fleshy bits to attack.

He’s like the Kato to my Clouseau. I never know when Bazel will pounce and gnaw. A dangling hand, a bare foot…maybe my elbow looks particularly fetching one day. It can be annoying. He does it when I’m sleeping, too, when he reckons it’s time to get up.

Anyway, the brushing wasn’t a big success. I had to wait until he was snoozing and sneak up on him. As soon as the brush appeared he was on me. But with some diligence and many hours, I did manage to thin him out a bit.

Bazel may not be cute and cuddly, but he’s kind of interesting and always on the alert for something to attack, so our place is completely bug and rodent free at all times.

15 responses to “This is Not a Cat Blog

  1. Is it genetics? Just as most orange cats are male and most tortie-shell cats are female, most black and white cats are somewhat – oh – neurotic? This is my working theory, as the owner of a black and white cat and observer of several others.

  2. I’ve heard that certain types of cats have certain characteristics –orange cats are the most affectionate, tuxedo cats aren’t, tabbies are the smartest… we should take a poll.

  3. My family used to have two black and whites when I was a kid. The female was a longhair, the male looked incredibly similar to your Bagel …I mean, Beelzebub.
    Neither were all that neurotic, really – but the male was quite independent, while the female was quite …needy.

  4. Despite the evil reputation of all-black cats, my Coffee (a.k.a. The Prettiest Cat EV-er)is funny, lively, lovable, very affectionate and sociable with any person.
    She’s also very cuddly and takes advantage of any opportunity to cuddle with her Daddy.

  5. I agree with Newsguy Bob. Solid black cats rock the Catbah. (my wit is lame-o, i know) My best cat ever was a huge black cat named Niki. Loved.him.

    I’ve had both a tabby and Russian Blue that attacked the ever loving shit out of my feet when I would “sleep” at night. I might as well had a bed full of babies what with the sleep deprival I went through with those cats.

    Off topic…you wear very sensible shoes, my dear. I’m particularly fond of the sneakers to the far right.

  6. I guess we’ve proved conclusively that the colour of the cat has nothing to do with its personality. I’m hoping Bazel will settle down as he gets older — it could happen, right???

    OTC -yes, all my footwear is extremely sensible. If I can’t walk a mile in a pair of shoes/boots, there’s no point in me owning them/it.

  7. oh, no, I stand by my theory. my female B&W is very needy and insecure, leading to intermittent displays of aggression and/or purring. I’ve observed this with numerous kitties, and jb’s comment supports it! I’m not slagging my cat, I have to add. She is a sweetie.

  8. Pandora – okay, we’ll make an exception for the B&W cats. I think when Bazel attacks me it’s not aggression so much as his way of having fun. He’s just channeling his inner hunter. He’s only interested in bare skin, so I’m okay if I wear gloves and socks. It’s kind of impractical for an all the time solution, though.

  9. Duncan is changing colour. He used to be orange. Now he’s kind of creamsicle.

    And his voice is changing too. It used to be a halfway respectable meow, and now it’s a weird little squeaky-toy voice.

    Should I be worried?

  10. Zoom – What? I’m the Cat Doctor now? Okay, so, yes, you should always worry no matter what. It’s the best thing all around. The fur, I reckon is just his lighter spring coat. The voice thing?? Maybe he has a cold or something from being outdoors without his long underwear! (Let that be a lesson to you) Or mabye it’s all that orange fur stuck in his craw that’s making him squeaky. I don’t know. Maybe a real cat expert has some real advice.

  11. I have always heard orange cats were the most affectionate and had two VERY affectionate male orange cats. Now I have 2 female orange cats and they’re only somewhat affectionate. So maybe it’s gender and coloring? I think we need a spreadsheet. 😉

  12. Kimberly – A spreadsheet! Perfect. There are very few questions that cannot be answered with a spreadsheet. I am hereby appointing you the official keeper of the spreadsheet. Please enter all data accumulated so far and evaluate. Thanks.

  13. I just spent a few hours grooming my cats with this new grooming tool. It cost a pretty penny, but man does it get the job done. They look like new cats.

  14. That would be great except for the part about how I can’t touch my cat without him ripping my flesh to shreds.