Goodtime party girl blogger, Alison has come to the realization that her partying ‘til dawn isn’t as much fun as it used to be.

I think I hit that wall long ago. In recent years I’ve noticed that most of my socializing revolves around brunch. Brunch is a good time to get together with people because:

No one’s not drifting off — which old people tend to do after 10:00 pm.

Food options are awesome – it’s the only time you can have baked goods with whipped cream, chocolate and syrup and legitimately call it a meal.

It’s late enough in the day to start drinking, but early enough in the day for the drinks to wear off, giving you some productive afternoon time before the evening drinking begins.

Brunch drinking is totally different from night-time drinking. There are a whole range of drinks specifically designed just for brunch: Bloody Marys/Cesars, Mimosas, Bellinis, Sangria, Mojitos, Morning Martinis, anything you can make in a blender, anything you can add to juice or coffee, any kind of beer and wine – especially Rosé.

Brunch starts mid to late morning and can finish in an hour or you can make a whole day of it. (in which case there will be no productive afternoon break).

Hosting brunch is a lot easier than hosting a dinner party.

Or, if you want to go out, there are so many amusing brunch places to explore – surprising places sometimes, where completely different things happen at night.

Brunch takes care of two meals at once, saving both time and money.

And, finally, you can have lots of good-time party fun and still get to bed by 11:00.

Here’s a recipe for Goat Cheese, Roasted Pepper & Baby Spinach Frittata that I think I got from the LCBO Food & Drink magazine.

6 eggs
¼ cup milk (or milk-like product)
Salt & pepper
1 roasted red pepper cut into thin slices
Handful of baby spinach1/2 cup creamy goat cheese
1 Tbsp. butter (or butter-like product)
2 Tbsp. thinly sliced green onion

Whisk eggs, milk, salt & pepper. Stir in roasted pepper, spinach and half the goat cheese. Melt butter in frying pan, (cast iron is best) add onion and stir around for a bit. Stir egg mixture and dump into medium hot pan, making sure all the stuff is evenly distributed. Cook until barely set and then stick the whole thing under the broiler for half minute or so until the top gets a bit brown. Sprinkle the rest of the goat cheese on top. Let it cool for a minute before cutting into wedges


14 responses to “Brunch

  1. I feel I really shouldn’t mention Halifax in your presence, but it’s great city for Sunday brunch.
    Mimosas and belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, thanks.
    Marché – at Front and Yonge in Toronto – is my favourite here, but it’s always busy. Last thing I wanna do when I’m looking forward to relaxing and stuffing myself is standing in a line for half an hour.

  2. Thanks Dave & thanks for the Ramos Fizz. I’m not sure I’m up to gin for breakfast, but hey, it DOES have egg in it!

    JB – I think I’ve given you the wrong idea. I loved Halifax for many years, but it’s like one of those… whatdya call it.. relationships.. starts off wonderful & then fizzles out a bit & then you leave. And then you’re kind of angry for a while. There are lots of great brunch places in Halifax — probably lots of new ones since you were there — Smitty’s always had the biggest line-up & Cora’s, of course.

  3. Bob- I’m not a fan of Cora’s either. You think you don’t get enough food for the money? I think their portions are grotesque.

  4. What, you mean like they make ugly faces on their pancakes to scare you? That’s just rude.

  5. Hey, I didn’t know you were back blogging! Didn’t notice the little logo thingie when you commented at my place. I can be so hamster-brained sometimes. Welcome back! And I’m finally feeling rested again. And watnting brunch…

  6. jb – yes, that’s exactly what I mean

    Alison – yes, I am back & we should totally do brunch one day.

  7. Hey, wait! So a Morning Martini is something other than POP’s blog?

    What is it then? Do tell!

  8. Jazz – the classic brunch martini is: 1 1/2 oz gin,3/4 oz fresh lemon juice, 3/4 oz orange liquer,
    1 tsp. light marmalade.Shake with ice and serve with a slice of toast garnish. However, nowadays when anything served in a martini glass is called a martini, I suppose if you mix gin with any kind of juice and dump it in a martini glass, it can be a brunch martini.
    AND – Brunch is one of the pure joys of adulthood, so celebrate old age!

  9. I want one of them brunch martini… 🙂

    I did brunch on Sunday, it was very nice.

  10. Michele – let me know what you think of the frittata if you make it. I’m a big fan of goat cheese.. wouldn’t have any other kind.

    HD – Cheers!