While I Was Out

Some things I did during the past 5 months while I wasn’t blogging (in no particular order)

  • drank a lot of wine (not in a wino sort of way)
  • finished my PR certification (the dizzying heights to which this piece of paper is going to take my career are nothing short of dizzying… stay tuned for regular updates)
  • found a better route to take to walk to work
  • spent 5 1/2 hours at the emergency at CHEO (a dumbfounding experience)
  • skated on the canal for the first time
  • wrote a book (first draft)
  • read a bunch of books about and/or set in France
  • visited blogs randomly
  • thought of lots of stuff I wanted to blog about, but now I can’t remember any of it
  • did about 40 loads of laundry

12 responses to “While I Was Out

  1. Wow…you were busy! 🙂 I’m glad to see you’re back!

    Oh, and I don’t have any suggestions on any pets (in response to your previous post). We have two kitties and love them. Originally, we said we wanted to get a puppy when Claire turned 3, and now we’re not so sure. We like sleeping through the night and being able to leave on vacation without having to board a dog… 🙂

  2. CP – ya what to do with the dog when we’re away weighs heavily on my mind – a definite big check on the “con” side.

    Grandy – I’m only doing laundry for 2 and we have big honkin’ laundry-related machines

    Jazz – thanks & I’m looking forward to reading more from you now that you’re back from wandering the world

  3. Welcome back to the virtual world of mindless connection . As you can see bloggers read blogs too and it is not a sin to do so. You don’t need an issue of major importance to blog .. I am a prime example of that . I love dogs ..so I am suggesting one for you although cats are easier to care for , dogs get you out of the house . When you get back from the dog walk , you can blog about it.
    Dog gone simple . I am betting Tony was Bob .

  4. Ma – I also believe Tony was Bob. Maybe he was just embarassed because he had a Tim Horton’s coffee stain on his shirt! And, good point on the dog blogging possibilities.

    Hi Robin!

  5. Would dog-blogging be hyphenated? < Like that?
    …or would it be just one word?
    Just curious.

  6. JB – I think it’s 2 completely separate words, like: cockroach racing, cow tipping or wolf baiting

  7. Hi HP – thanks and I may very well mention Corrie now and again although I’m finding it increasingly irritating these days